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Fundamentals in FM Property Risk and Compliance

23/09/21 ONLINE:  This course involves a combination of both theoretical and the practical application of the fundaments in property risk and compliance.

VLC - The HFC Phase-down & FM

23/09/21 ONLINE:  This VLC webinar will cover the HFC phase-down in Australia, looking at the effects, alternatives, who will be affected, plus much more...

WA Museum Boola Bardip - Night @ the Museum Site Tour

23/09/21 Perth SOLD OUT - IN PERSON:      Join us for a night at the museum with a full back of house tour of the newly renovated WA Museum Boola Bardip, along with networking drinks and canapes.

All 7 Virtual PD Sessions


PD: Facility & General Liability Issues


Virtual PD: Essential Safety Measures & Emergency Management


SA State Forum - Compliance, Regulations & DISP in FM

13/10/21 Adelaide IN PERSON - Join the SA State Branch committee at their first state forum as they explore compliance and regulations in FM, as well as unpacking the Defence Industry Security Program.

Virtual PD: WHS/OHS Legislation Impacting on FM


Virtual PD: Hazardous Materials & Hazardous Chemical


QLD FMA Corporate Golf Day

15/10/21 Brookwater IN PERSON:     Join us for a great day of golf and networking at Brookwater Golf Club, an award-winning, Greg Norman designed golf course.

Virtual PD: Part A: Technical & Specific Issues


Virtual PD: Part B: Technical & Specific Issues


Virtual PD: Contractor Management


National Summit - Maintenance Management in FM

27/10/21 Brisbane IN PERSON - BRISBANE:  Maintenance management is a key component of facilities management. The effective maintenance of assets and equipment is directly linked to the safe and efficient operation of b...