TTFMA Webinar on Emergency Management Insights

Join the Online TTFMA Webinar on Emergency Management Insights


     Thursday 4 April 2024

Time:       11:00am - 12:30pm

Location: Online Webinar - Complimentary for Members

Format:   Speaker Presentation

The FMA invites you to join us for an impactful session where we will dive into real-world experiences, share best practices, and explore strategies for effective emergency management.

In light of the increasing frequency of unprecedented weather events and natural disasters, events that are predicted to persist, we are excited to announce an upcoming TTFMA webinar focused on Emergency Management. This webinar aims to foster an open dialogue and knowledge exchange, specifically highlighting the crucial role Facilities Managers play in safeguarding properties and ensuring key infrastructure assets remain operational during times of crisis.

Together, let's strengthen our preparedness as a community to face the challenges that lie ahead and reinforce our commitment to protecting properties, vital infrastructure and business continuity.


Chris Hawker, Director & Principal Consultant at C3 Consulting
Chris has a diverse professional background spanning various sectors. He served in the New Zealand Defence Forces (Navy), worked in commercial security, and spent over two decades managing international tourist hotels in the hospitality industry. Additionally, he held tier 2 roles in local government for eight years and served at the University of Canterbury (UC) for seven years in a senior operational capacity, followed by three years as Director of a teaching and consulting centre.

During his tenure at UC, Chris co-led the implementation of an integrated emergency preparedness plan, which proved invaluable during the Canterbury Earthquakes in 2010. This experience led to the establishment of the Centre for Risk, Resilience & Renewal, dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of others.

In 2015, Chris assumed the role of Regional Manager & Group Controller of the Otago Civil Defence & Emergency Management Group. He spearheaded the development of Emergency Management Otago into an integrated civil defence partnership, coordinating responses to various crises including earthquakes, floods, storms, wildfires, and security threats.

Since 2020, Chris has worked as an independent consultant, leveraging his expertise to advise organizations on resilience development, risk reduction, preparedness, response strategies, and recovery planning. He also facilitates training programs to share New Zealand's experience with international entities.

John Parisella, General Manager Transformation Defence - Ventia
With 20 years’ experience in facilities management, leading contracts in technology, government and banking sectors, John is an accomplished and respected leader. John’s passion for digital transformation has changed the way Ventia deliver facilities management, providing innovative solutions and the technology needed for optimised operational performance.

During his tenure in this field, John has been responsible for leading teams and supporting clients and communities through emergency response, often coordinating efforts with international, federal, and local governments. When John assumed the role of General Manager of Defence Base Services for Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia in 2017, he personally led this contract during extraordinary circumstances, including the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019, the subsequent floodings, and managing the response and revised protocols with the COVID-19 pandemic.
John is a strong believer in planning and preparedness and structures his approach to facility management and operations with a risk-based approach. Currently, John works as General Manager for Transformation across the Defence portfolio nationwide. He is spearheading the transition towards digital solutions focusing on improvements in health and safety, people and culture, and operational delivery.

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4/04/2024 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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