World FM Day - Going global with FM

What is World FM Day?

World FM day aims to raise the global profile of the facilities management profession.

From the largest office tower to industrial parks, from sporting facilities to residential buildings, the FM profession touches nearly everyone, everywhere in some way. In 2010, Global FM instigated World FM Day to recognise this and to promote the vital work of FMs and the industry around the globe.

World FM Day is a time when FM professionals take a moment to reflect on their past achievements while many embrace the opportunity to connect with other FMs in celebration.

It is also the day that the Global FM Awards are announced.

World FM Day is a day to share experiences, to promote our profession and, most importantly, to celebrate our successes.


World FM Day 2019

Events around Australia

These events will be held in the week of 13-17 May in celebration of World FM Day. Stay tuned for more details:

  • VIC World FM Day Lunch - 17 May
  • NSW World FM Day Breakfast - 15 May
  • QLD World FM Day Lunch 15 May