Industry publications cover a wide range of issues and topics and are designed to inform, guide and assist in improving the professionalism of the facilities management industry. The Association continues to work with stakeholders and industry partners to identify, research and develop publications of quality for FMs.

Good Practice Guides

The Association’s series of Facilities Management Good Practice Guides (GPG) detail information on key areas of interest for its members and the Australian industry.

The purpose of the GPG is to provide awareness and guidance to facility management professionals and support industries on how to effectively and efficiently address the ‘areas of interest’. The GPG is not intended to provide best practice solutions but provide general guidance of what should be achieved as a minimum to be considered good practice.

Industry Census

Exploring a number of areas critical to the current and future state of facilities management in Australia and New Zealand, this report gauges the perceptions of those engaged in FM activities, including the Practitioners who deliver services, the Purchasers who procure services, and the Suppliers who support the industry. This report is a vital tool in the promotion of a better understanding of the issues challenging FM and in identifying opportunities to support the strategic development and direction of the industry.

Salary Survey

As part of FMA's ongoing commitment to facilities professionals, a survey of professional's salaries, benefits, responsibilities and satisfaction rates are benchmarked to assist organisations and senior management within the FM industry to set remuneration strategies. Additionally, the Survey findings provide some insights of wider relevance to all industry stakeholders regarding diversity, education, experience and intentions of FM practitioners.

Peer Reviewed Research

Research that has been created by an external organisation and submitted to the association for dissemination is required to undertake a double-blind peer review process (author doesn't know who is reviewing and reviewer does not know who authored). The purpose of the peer review is to ensure knowledge externally submitted is accurate, clear and uses consistent language. 

Other Publications

All other publications not already separately identified are identified within this page. These publications include guidelines (other than the GPG series), research reports, case studies, etc.