Peer Reviewed Research

The FMA invites research that has been created by external organisations for dissemination by the Association on the understanding submissions will be required to undergo a double-blind peer review process (i.e. the author does not know who is reviewing and reviewer does not know who authored).

The purpose of the peer review is to ensure the following criteria are adhered to:

  • Accuracy of Information: Evidence and/or sourced material supports the information
  • Clarity of Information: Information and messages are clearly articulated within the draft paper, ensuring that it caters for the wider FM audience
  • Consistency of Language: Terms and definitions used within the draft report are consistently applied i.e. it must not use terms and definitions that are inconsistent with those endorsed by the FMA

Types of research include: Research papers; literature reviews; and case studies.


Submitting research for sharing among industry professionals can assist individuals and/or organisations to establish themselves as an industry leader within a particular 'area of interest'.

To submit any research for review, please use the following form:

For more information, refer to the Peer Review Guidelines.

Peer Reviewers

The FMA is always on the look out for individuals with expert knowledge and wide experience in facilities management to undertake relevant peer reviews.

Potential reviewers are required to meet the following eligibility requirements. They must:

  • Have a minimum of five years of experience in either or both:
    • a facilities management role
    • academia, focusing on facilities management or a relevant field of study
  • Have obtained a Bachelor degree or higher in facilities management or relevant field of study
  • Be a financial member of the Facilities Management Association

To nominate yourself as a reviewer, please fill out the following form:

For more information, refer to the Peer Review Guidelines.


To maintain a level of independence, the peer review process is managed by a sub-committee of at least three FMA members.

The role of the sub-committee is to:

  • Source and receive submissions for review by appointed peers
  • Source and assess the eligibility of nominated peers
  • Manage and coordinate the peer review process for submissions, ensuring that the standards/requirements outlined in the ‘Peer Review Guidelines’ are upheld (i.e. allocation, conflict resolution, coordination of reviewers, etc.)

Sub-committee members can access their committee page by clicking here