Other Publications

All other publications not already separately identified are identified within this page. These publications include guidelines (other than the GPG series), research reports, case studies, etc.

An Operational Guide to Sustainable Facilities Management

Developed in response to industry demand for a technical guide that explores those aspects of environmental performance most relevant to the practice of facilities management.

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Innovative Procurement Solutions for Service Delivery

A must-read for facilities managers and other industry professionals who need to better understand the benefits and pitfalls of the different types of contract delivery models, relationships, pricing structures and contract drivers that make up an effective contract and procurement management system.

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Office Churn Research Report

Examines in detail the impact of facility and workspace types on management practices, rates and costs of churn; and establishes measurement methods and benchmarks.

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Access Economics Research Report 2005-06

Second of two reports commissioned as part of the Facilities Management Action Agenda, presenting a snapshot of the facilities management industry in 2007, including its size and contribution to the Austrlian economy.

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Facilities Management - A Statistical Profile of the Industry (2004)

Access Economics has been commissioned by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (the Department) to compile a statistical profile of the facilities management (FM) industry. This report presents such a profile for the financial year 2002-03.This profile constitutes a snapshot of the economic contribution of the FM industry to Australia in 2002-03.

This report establishes a methodology and provides approximate results based on samples. Information will improve with further surveys and improved industry participation. Time series data would also be valuable to the industry for identifying trends.

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1999 Facility Management in Australia

In 1999 FMA Australia commissioned Arthur Andersen to conduct research into the facilities management industry. This is the first research study into the facility management industry undertaken in Australia.

  • Report 1: Facility Management in Australia: A Market Overview 
  • Report 2: Facility Operating Cost Benchmarks 
  • Report 3: Facility Service Delivery and Efficiency Drivers 

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Facilities Management Contracting Guidelines

Designed to enable optimum delivery of facilities management services and significantly improve existing systems and processes.

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Facilities Management Guidelines to Managing Risk

Based upon the Australian risk management standard AS/NZS 4360, the Facilities Management Guidelines to Managing Risk provides risk management concepts, models and processes which can be applied to any organisation regardless of size or sector.

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HB206 - Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Facilities Management Terms (HB 261), published by Standards Australia with major assistance from the Facility Management Association of Australia provides a detailed A to Z guide of commonly used facilities management terms for use by Australian facilities managers.

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