Notification of Speaker Request

From time to time, members of FMA staff, the Board of Directors and branch committees are invited to speak, or to participate on behalf of the FMA and the industry, at events, forums, conferences and meetings.

To ensure the ‘voice’ of the industry remains consistent and accurately reflects the FMA and wider industry position and current thinking, a policy and criteria have been developed to provide guidance for those who undertake the role of representing the Association and by default the industry.

'Speaking on behalf of the FMA & industry' Policy
The FMA will consider all requests for speakers on the merits of the opportunity, the direct and indirect impacts on the Association and the benefits or other impacts it may have on the industry as a whole.
Due to nature of reputational risk associated with speaking on behalf of the FMA, the following process needs to be undertaken if requests are made of the organisation or an individual official office holder of the Association.
  1. ‘Notification of speaker request’ must be lodged with FMA National Office – this is an expression of interest and should include any necessary information about the event, including the intent of the specific request and details of the organising body
  2. Presentation content must be developed in conjunction with the FMA or, if developed independently must be submitted to the FMA for approval
  3. Presentations are to utilise the FMA power point template and include prescribed key messages on the role and function of the Association

FMA National office will, where practical, make the necessary arrangements and will seek reimbursement for any tangible expenses from the organising body.

Request criteria
The following criteria will be used to assess the value of involvement and the basis for accepting or declining a request for an individual to act in a representative capacity:
  • Aligns with the mission of the Association
  • Adds value to the long term strategic direction of the organisation
  • Brings profile to the industry or specific industry related issues
  • Complements rather than competes with existing or proposed FMA offerings
  • Improves public recognition for the work undertaken by the industry
  • Control of the message being imparted in the presentation
  • Potential risk of the involvement


If you wish to submit a ‘Notification of speaker request’, please complete and lodge the form below at least three weeks prior to the event.

Speaker & presentation details
Event details

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