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World FM Day 2021 – Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic

This year, in recognition of past efforts and what lies ahead, World FM Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 12 May 2021 under the theme: Celebrating FM – Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic.

The past 12 months have seen extraordinary changes across the world – facilities management (FM) teams and professionals have been called upon like never before, with unforeseen demand for resilience, compliance, flexibility and adaptability.

The FM sector is extremely proud of all that has been achieved. Facilities management professionals have allowed businesses, governments and societies to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible under the circumstances. FM teams have played a crucial role in making built environments available, in keeping various sectors functioning, and in facilitating digital platforms to ensure occupant safety. The profession and the industry have grown in stature for their important contribution to enabling essential services to remain open in an often shuttered world.

“The pandemic has shined a light on facilities management,” said Nicholas Burt, Chief Executive Officer of the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA). “Notwithstanding the many challenges and hardships, the past year has demonstrated the industry’s resilience and adaptability, as well as the crucial role that FM plays in maintaining a safe, healthy and resilient built environment.”

This newfound recognition and respect for facilities management enables the industry to stand tall beyond the pandemic. As we adapt to life after COVID-19, we remain proud of what the industry has achieved and determined to rise to new challenges.  

World FM Day 2021 is a chance to tell the world about these achievements and what the industry plans to deliver as we confront the health and environmental challenges ahead.

So put the week of 12 May 2021 in your diary! We encourage everyone working in facilities management to set aside some time to celebrate the people in our industry, as well as the contribution FM makes to health, safety, security, the environment, digital technology and more.

World FM Day is an initiative of Global FM. For more information visit