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Sustainable Digitalisation Principles – open for review

Download the Working Paper

The digitisation of our world presents many benefits – in addition to many serious environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. The Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP) exists to drive the shift towards responsible, ethical and sustainable digitalisation for cities and the real estate sector. It is a multi-disciplinary thought-leadership group that partners with industry, academic and government institutions.

The SDP’s Sustainable Digitalisation Principles provide the overarching framework and definition for sustainable digitalisation in the built environment. They are designed to assist organisations in developing a sustainable approach to digitalisation. They may also be applied to areas such as investment and property tech decision-making using other frameworks under development by the SDP.

The five principles were created through an extensive process of research, workshopping, consultation and review by industry experts. They are presented in draft format in the Sustainable Digitalisation Principles Working Paper, which is now open for consultation.

The Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) is proud to endorse the Sustainable Digitalisation Principles. FMA members are invited to provide feedback on the principles in order to help them evolve and prepare for adoption. 

Click here to download the Sustainable Digitalisation Principles Working Paper

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