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Revised Diploma of Facilities Management now launched

During the last half of 2015 the Diploma of Facilities Management underwent an accreditation review that included input from industry, students and educators. The Diploma has now been relaunched with a suite of revised materials and a new education supplier, UNE Partnerships.

Since its launch in 2010, the strength of the Diploma has been widely recognised by the industry with over 220 students from across Australia and internationally taking up the opportunity to develop their FM skills.

With this level of interest in the Diploma and its continued take-up by the market, there was a need to build on its strength and adjust it to fit the ever-changing requirements of what is rapidly becoming a specialist profession.  

The backbone of the Diploma and its educational capacity is the skills matrix. The matrix sets out the competencies of facilities management professionals in Australia. It addresses each of the job roles within FM, providing a career pathway for those wishing to join the industry and a way forward for those already in the industry who wish to progress with the option for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Aligning the educational needs of the industry is an ongoing task. The competency matrix identified a need to reorganise the learning opportunities to ensure current skill needs were reflected in the mix of subjects on offer while recognition of the growing specialist role of FM professionals and the different skills to suit various facility types was also required. 

The only way to achieve this alignment was through consultation, which was provided by the Diploma Review Taskforce consisting of senior industry representatives from a cross section of all facility types.

In addition, the FMA has done extensive work on the mapping of future industry trends with the support of industry and extensive research, including the FM Industry Census: Trends & Insights report, now in its third edition. The Association’s industry leaders’ forum and the work of six portfolio groups that work with FMA to drive policy and technical knowledge in the industry, added incomparable value to this exercise.

By slightly realigning the course to industry needs, the revised Diploma will now better enable individuals to transition into and across the industry on their path to FM professional recognition while ensuring it remains an important and recognised course for the industry.  

The Diploma, which will have both core and elective units, provides maximum flexibility in content.  

The initial development process has been scheduled so the entire project can be delivered within a 12 month period.  However, the development of additional elective units with the involvement of industry will be ongoing.  

The new Diploma will provide individuals and enterprises with options for education while the revised assessments are more closely aligned with industry.  

In conjunction with the FMA’s new education partner, UNE Partnerships, course enrolments are now open.

For information on course structure, fees and to enrol in the Diploma of Facilities Management:
1800 066 128