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NZ company embraces circular economy

New Zealand company Method Recycling has announced the integration of at least 50% recycled materials into the black components of its new and improved recycling bins. This is a small but significant step in the organisation's commitment to facilitating the circular economy.

Method designs and manufactures recycling bins for the modern workplace. Its Sustainability and Research & Design teams worked collaboratively to find a material of consistent quality and sufficient supply to be used in the manufacturing process of their new bins. They took great care to ensure the durability, life-span and high-quality finish of their signature bins was maintained.

Another top priority was ensuring the new bins are fully recyclable at the end of their lives – many products made from recycled materials cannot be recycled again, which only delays their ultimate fate in landfill.

Capturing recyclables and incorporating them in such a way that they can be recycled indefinitely is the circular economy in action.

The integration of recycled materials into Method’s bins is evidence that manufacturers have the ability to collect and reuse recyclables to make a real difference.

Method Recycling co-founders Steven and India Korner

Exciting developments around post-consumer recycled polypropylene are underway in New Zealand. While excited about the introduction of recycled materials, Method believes this is just the first step. The company is currently working on a solution that would see their bins made from 100% recycled materials.

Method is a Wellington-based company with offices in Auckland, Sydney and London. It aims to change recycling behaviours around the world by helping organisations divert more waste from landfill.