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Make your nomination the best it can be

Nominations for the FM Industry Awards for Excellence are open until 1 August 2019. These awards recognise outstanding achievements by individuals, teams and organisations working in the facilities management industry. Nominations are open across nine categories including partnerships, sustainability, innovation and diversity.  

Follow the tips below to make your nomination the best it can be, then submit your nomination here.

1. Is your nomination eligible?

  • Read the criteria carefully and make sure you are nominating your person, project, team or organisation in the correct category and that they tick all the criteria boxes.
  • Does your organisation sponsor an Award category? If so, you can’t enter that category – but there are eight others you potentially can. The only exception to this is the Excellence in FM award category.
  • One project may be eligible to enter a number of categories, which is okay, but one size does not fit all. Each category needs its own nomination tailored to suit the criteria.

2. Be prepared

  • Have you got all the information you need to address the criteria? A minimum amount of information is required before your nomination will be considered, so make sure you have it, including a print-quality (hi-res) image. Clearly label each attachment as part of your nomination. All items must be uploaded to the FMA website together to ensure there is no confusion.

3. Answer the question… if you can say it in a sentence, don’t use a paragraph!

  • Read the criteria carefully and make sure your answers address the question.
  • Where possible, provide information that can be quantified.
  • Give as much information as you can in as few words as possible, making sure you highlight points of difference, particularly where your nomination exemplifies excellence and innovation.

4. Do not assume prior knowledge and keep to the word count

  • The judges will only assess your nomination on the information provided, and only up to the specified word count – do not assume they have prior knowledge. Prioritise what you say, ensure it is quantifiable where possible, and say it succinctly. You can always say more in the supporting information.

5. Avoid jargon, use correct spelling and grammar, and don’t say it three times

  • Choose small words over big, bureaucratic ones. Do not repeat yourself, and make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors.

6. Submit supporting information

  • You are encouraged to submit information such as client references, third party verifiers, financial information supporting the economic viability of the project, survey findings, publications and independent research findings verifying outcomes. This information will be kept confidential.
  • If submitting survey findings, make sure you include the scope, methodology and volume of respondents. Any references should also speak to the outcomes achieved.
  • If supplying a video, ensure the file is no longer than one minute, and no bigger than one megabyte.

7. Get someone else to read your nomination before you submit it

  • Even if you think it’s okay, there’s probably room for improvement, so get someone else to read it. If they find it confusing, unclear, repetitive or full of typos, there’s a good chance the judges will too, and your nomination may not get the consideration it deserves.

Submit your nomination here

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