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FMA represented in Fire Working Group

The Fire Working Group is committed to developing high quality, fit-for-purpose training products to provide an enhanced level of competency for individuals undertaking all facets of fire protection and fire safety work, leading to safer and more resilient communities. The group met in Hobart on 2–3 June, with Phillip Heard ( FMA Tasmania Branch Chair) from the Department of Health and Human Services representing the FMA.

While some matters debated at the meeting remain unresolved, the members of the Fire Working Group have determined a way forward. Among items agreed and included in the group's communique was that the position held by NFIA, MPA, AMCA, FMA, CEPU, AMWU and ETU remains that some fire protection work – including installation, routine service and repair of wet fire systems and detection systems – should only be undertaken by individuals holding a relevant Certificate III level qualification attained under a training contract.

This was contested by other members of the Fire Working Group in relation to some aspects of the work. Hence, broad agreement by all parties was to propose the establishment of a joint working group, with equal representation across all stakeholders, to review the scope of work associated with all facets of fire protection and fire safety work, and to make recommendations about the review and development of relevant training products.

The communique will be tabled at the next Construction, Plumbing & Services Industry Reference Committee and Property Services Industry Reference Committee, and recommended for endorsement.