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FMA launches video explaining facilities management

What is facilities management? Watch the video now!

On World FM Day, 13 May 2020, the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) launched a short video explaining the essential role that facilities managers play in keeping our built environment safe, sustainable and financially viable.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, facilities managers played a crucial role in ensuring buildings such as hospitals and shopping centres continued to operate safely and efficiently. As restrictions are lifted, facilities managers will remain at the forefront in ensuring buildings are safe for people to return to work, school and other activities.

“The current pandemic has drawn attention to the vital role that facilities managers play in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of building occupants everywhere,” said FMA Chair Bryon Price. “We hope this video will help to raise awareness of this profession whose work, despite often being conducted behind the scenes, is so important to all of us.”

An initiative of the FMA's Marketing & Membership Portfolio Group, the video was created to educate the public about facilities managers. It aims to capture the diversity of the profession and highlight some of the core competencies, including sustainability, technology, safety and operational cost control.

“With the public more aware of the importance of the indoor environment, now is the ideal time to help people understand the role of facilities managers in ensuring their health, safety and well-being”, said FMA CEO Nicholas Burt.

The video features a range of facilities from across Australia including Melbourne’s iconic Fed Square, Western Australia’s stunning Rottnest Island, Cairns Airport and Northpoint in Sydney.

The Association hopes the video might also attract more people into the profession. While facilities management is usually a career of change rather than choice, there is great potential to make school and university students more aware of the opportunities afforded by this dynamic industry.

FMA would like to thank the sponsors who made this video possible and Marketable Video Production for producing the video. 

Watch the video