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The FM industry in 60 seconds

The FM industry in 60 secondsTo mark the launch of the 2017-18 FM Industry Census, the FMA and Programmed Facility Management have produced a short video highlighting key trends in the FM industry. 

Titled “The FM industry in 60 seconds”, this video provides a brief overview of the industry, including demographics, outsourcing trends, and challenges facing facility managers. Watch the video here

About the Census
Now in its sixth edition, the annual FM Industry Census gauges the perceptions of those engaged in facilities management. It is a vital tool to promote a better understanding of the industry and identify opportunities for growth.

“Facility managers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, security and sustainability of our built environment,” said Nicholas Burt, Chief Executive Officer of the FMA. “However, their work is often unseen.” 

“The video aims to raise the profile of this vital profession, and convey some of the insights gleaned through the latest annual Industry Census.” 

Some of the key trends to emerge in this year’s Census include:

  • 29% of FM practitioners identify as female, up from 19% in 2013
  • 73% of practitioners are under the age of 50, compared to 52% in 2013
  • The key benefits of outsourcing FM are “greater flexibility”, “access to best practice” and “reduced costs”
  • Maintenance and cleaning are the most sub-contracted services
  • The biggest opportunity for the industry is advances in technology. 

To access the Census and other research, visit