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2016-17 Industry Census - Calling all FM purchasers, practitioners & suppliers

Now in its fifth year, the annual Facilities Management Industry Census is helping to build a valuable knowledge resource and strong profile of trends that affect the FM industry in Australia and New Zealand.

By offering essential and often surprising insights into areas critical to the growth and strategic direction of FM, the Census is a valuable resource for both individuals and organisations working in the FM industry today.

The Facility Management Association of Australia in partnership with Programmed Facility Management and with the support of the Facility Management Association of New Zealand, are calling on all FM industry professionals to assist in the ongoing development of this vital resource by participating in the 2016-17 Industry Census Survey.

Take part in this confidential Survey today, and you will not only be building industry knowledge, but you‘ll also have the option to enter the prize draw for a fabulous $500 Red Balloon gift certificate.
The Survey, which takes about 15 minutes to complete, seeks information that will allow your Association to continue to develop a wide-ranging picture of the trends and insights that affect the industry today while assessing where it is heading tomorrow.

To ensure an accurate and holistic view of the industry in both Australia and in New Zealand is captured, your input is vital!


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Thank you for your participation.