Good knowledge is critical to the planning, development, management, operation and maintenance of our built environments. It underpins how effectively FM professionals can deliver sustainable outcomes that enhance our experience of the places where we live, work and play and is fundamental to ensuring safe, healthy, sustainable and productive lifestyles for all Australians.

The FMA seeks to collate and build on industry knowledge and provide the support industry professionals require to maintain and, where possible, improve standards within the industry.

  • Publications
    Publications are released to inform and guide FM industry professionals on a wide range of issues and subjects. These publications are intended to improve professionalism and to develop a better understanding of the industry. Publications include the following: Good Practice Guides, Industry Censuses, Salary Surveys, Peer Reviewed Research and other publications

  • FM information & news
    FMA communicates with it's members and web friends in a variety of different ways to share knowledge and engage with the broader industry. The most common and frequent communications include: Facilities Perspectives, FMA Online, FM Snippets, and News.

  • Resources
    The bank of FM Resouces allows members to search and obtain new and old resources relating to the FM industry. While members will be able to view and obtain all of FMA's open resources, non-members will have more limited access.

  • Knowledge Portfolio Group
    The Group assists with the research and communication activities of the FMA in developing a bigger, broader and more meaningful source of knowledge supporting facilities management professionals in Australia. For more information on the Knowledge Portfolio Group and how you can participate, click here.

Note: While members will be able to view and obtain all of FMA's open resources, non-members may only view and purchase some resources. If you are interested in gaining full access to FMA's resources by becoming a member, please click here.