Issue 78 FMA Online March 2017


CEO Message

We are well into 2017 and after the array of positive outcomes delivered throughout 2016, there is good reason to be enthusiastic about the opportunities that will be presented in the coming year.

After a year working closely with the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), the industry will soon have access to additional training material aimed at improving the skills of facilities management professionals in areas related to energy efficiency. These skills, which are highly sought after in the sector, are processes by which facilities management can position itself rightfully as the key to a low energy future. 

In relation to saving energy, and building on the NSW government announcement of a net zero emission target by 2050, your association has provided submissions to the draft paper titled ‘Saving Energy and Money in NSW’. The centre piece for the submission was ensuring education and communication with facilities management professionals remains strong.

FMA has recently updated its Take 2 (The Sustainability Victoria program to demonstrate and work towards carbon reduction) Commitment Page. As part of the program, FMA will continue to work closely with the Victorian Government and Sustainability Victoria to ensure the association is representing the interests of the facilities management industry as public policy is developed.

It looks like it is going to be a busy year with a number of governments and organisations recognising the impact of facilities management on energy, productivity, safety, health and well-being.

I look forward to working with you in 2017.

Nicholas Burt
Chief Executive Officer

Stop germs from destroying your washrooms: Keep your tenants happy and your buildings hygienic!

Germs are everywhere, but there is a lot we can do combat them. As every good Facilities Manager knows, prevention is better than any cure. Initial Hygiene partners with FMs across Australia to help meet the basic needs of their tenants.  


Proper hygiene can also help with asset management. Bacteria and spores, which thrive in washrooms, can damage walls and fixtures.

Avoid time-consuming complaints and costly damages by learning more about the hygiene risks in your portfolio.


Did you know Toilets Sneeze?

Washrooms are well known as places where there is a risk of cross-contamination, especially if hygiene standards are poor. But what causes this risk? Flushing the toilet would seem to be risk-free, but flushing spreads invisible water droplets within cubicles and further throughout the washroom - up to 20ft away!


The turbulent flushing action, which is necessary to remove faeces, unavoidably creates splashes of flush water droplets. These droplets transport faecal bacteria out of the bowl. Larger droplets land on the seat and floor, but others are so small and invisible, that they remain suspended in the air for several hours. Their small size means that they float on natural air currents allowing them to spread quickly throughout the washroom and be deposited on surfaces that are often touched - such as toilet seats, dispensers and handles - just waiting for a hand to pick them up and take them on another journey.


From your hand these germs can easily get into your body, as we often rub our eyes, nose and lips. There is also the risk that the airborne droplets can be directly inhaled.


The Washroom is Ground Zero for Bacteria

Toilets are a permanent reservoir of bacteria. They are frequently replenished with millions of bacteria (there are an estimated 100,000 million bacteria/ gram of faeces!), which survive for many weeks on the bowl surfaces, as they thrive in damp conditions.


Even after repeated flushing, toilet surfaces and bowl water remain contaminated with faecal bacteria, with 1 million bacteria surviving until the next flush.


The relatively infrequent daily clean, with a brush and disinfectant, only tackles hygiene at a single point in time, as the toilet immediately becomes contaminated when it is next used.


Initial’s Research and Development scientists have investigated the hazards of the sneeze effect and developed an effective system to reduce the risk.


This includes managing the germs, scale and bacteria build up within the toilet, providing:

  • a toilet seat cleaner to allow users to wipe the seat clean before using the toilet

  • toilet rolls which are protected in antimicrobial protected holders

  • Touch-free feminine hygiene units with integral anti-microbial protection to give users peace of mind


Initial’s Dual Sanitiser stops Toilet Sneeze germs in their tracks. The system injects a measured dose of sanitising fluid into the flush water to fight bacteria and limescale build-up – a classic cause of bad odours and unsightly stains. The sanitiser can be activated with each flush or on a timer, so you can choose the level of protection you need.


Remember, hand washing is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. Make sure you wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, before leaving the washroom, and use hand sanitiser for that extra level of protection throughout the day.

Like FMs, we at Initial Hygiene have a goal of continuous improvement. We identify risks and work to prevent costly fallouts. Click here to view our Washroom Solutions brochure. For more information, please visit or call us on 1300 INITIAL.  


sparc – FMA exhibition spaces selling fast!

In just a short time since its release, the sparc – FMA International Lighting & Facilities Event 2017 has already sold 50% of the booths on offer. With solid momentum, this collaboration between SPARC and FMA is attracting a lot of interest from both exhibitors and visitors. 

This exhibition will showcase the latest in lighting and facility management innovation from Australia and globally, with a world-class symposium held at the brand new International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney and in the heart of VIVID Sydney.

There’s a new Facebook page dedicated solely to sparc-FMA updates. If you wish to have all the latest updates in your FB newsfeed please click here and like the page.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, register your interest now at or email us at

Commonwealth announces benchmarking of Australia’s major cities

In response to the Smart Cities Plan, and submissions received through the Smart Cities Summit in April, Assistant Minister for Cities, Angus Taylor, announced a new National Cities Performance Framework that would go into development in 2017, to assist the Federal Government to target smart cities policy and allow the public to see how cities were progressing.

In a recent address to the Committee for Sydney, Assistant Minister Taylor also announced the development of a new Cities Reference Group to assist with inquiries on City Deals and the publishing of feedback on the Government’s Smart Cities Plan launched earlier in the year.

The Federal Government will have a strong focus on improving the functioning of Australian cities and towns going into 2017.

To learn more about Smart Cities Plan please click here

Metropolitan Partnerships will facilitate stronger collaboration

The six Metropolitan Partnerships has been announced by The Victorian Government. The Partnerships will support communities to have a larger influence on the issues that matter to them, and to ensure that their needs are listened to by government.  

Metropolitan Partnerships will recognise and prioritise local strategic concerns including social, economic and environmental issues and progress them locally as well as through government decision making procedures.

The Metropolitan Partnerships will facilitate stronger collaboration between communities, industry, businesses and government to identify and address the most important challenges and opportunities in each region. They will work towards creating healthier suburbs, more resilient and prosperous places to live and work.

Please click here for more information

International Energy Agency Market Report

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016 tracks the core indicators of efficiency progress and policy development globally.
As a facilities manager it is good to keep up-to-date with progress on energy efficiency so we have provided a snapshot:

·         Globally energy intensity improved by 1.8% in 2015

·         In the last 15 years, economies have grown and populations have risen but energy demand has decreased.

·         The improvements that have been made in IEA member have saved enough energy in 2015 to sustain Japan’s energy needs for one year.

·         Obligatory standards now cover more than 60% of energy consumption for lighting worldwide.

·         In 2015, car and truck fuel-economy standards around the world saved 2.3 million barrels of fuel per day.

It is definitely worth looking at the full report. To see the full report please click here

Sydney Build 2017 Expo

Sydney Build Expo had great success from its inaugural show last year; 3 main reasons being: Content, Networking and Entertainment. We work closely with all our partners, speakers and all participants to ensure a 2-condensed-day construction industry event.

Held at the Hordern Pavilion  in Sydney on 30-31 March, the expo will hopefully see over 3000 visitors within the 2-days of our exhibition - like last year - and we are aiming for an even better event for 2017, having already over 100 exhibitors, 50 speakers and 30 partners participating. There will also be a few prizes for attending visitors.

What's featured:

•          Earn CPD points by attending accredited conference & workshops (Accredited and issued by MBANSW)

•          Browse over 120 New Exhibitors of Australian and International suppliers

•          Meet over 40 New Speakers

◦          over 40 industry hot topics on infrastructure, government projects & architecture, BIM, sustainability etc.!

•          New themes: The Digital Construction & BIM & Sustainability Summit.

•          Discover over 30 Industry & media partners supporting the event, including FMA!

•          Networking drinks evening on Day 1 with prize give-aways and entertainment!

Find out all of the above on our website to see who's already participating.

Complimentary tickets will soon close for Sydney Build 2017

The construction exhibition, conference & workshops are back again!


LEGS in FM Mentoring Program

The Leaders Encouraging Guiding and Supporting in Facility Management (LEGS in FM) is a peer-to-peer professional support program. It provides a tailored, confidential and relevant platform for FMA members to seek advice on specific issues via a one-to-one relationship, on a real-time basis.

The aim of this Program is to provide ongoing support for aspiring professionals, with the aim of increasing their professional effectiveness and efficiency. The intention of this program is not to equip FM professionals with the technical skills and knowledge required to fulfil their role but to further enhance and develop the broad suite of tacit knowledge and subtleties required to effectively contribute to their organisation and the FM Industry.

This program has been developed by the FMA in concert with Weskay, a consulting company that focuses on board and executive leadership.

If you're interestede in the montoring program please send an enquiry to

CIBSE ANZ 2017 Seminar Series

Not to be missed, the CIBSE ANZ 2017 Seminar Series addresses all of the essential elements of metering system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for Building Services Engineers, Contractors and Building Owners/Managers.


Join the conversation with #cibsesmartmetering

PERTH Tuesday 14th March 2017

MELBOURNE Thursday 16th March 2017

AUCKLAND Tuesday 21st March 2017

SYDNEY Thursday 23rd March 2017

All starting at 9am.

Register now to be at the forefront of Energy and Water Management australia-new-zealand/seminar-series-2017 


T: 0413 700 100