Interest groups

We have identified several interest groups to support those in the industry and provide easy access through notifications in your members portal and news items and identify your events or professional development based on your interest.  These are managed when you are logged in through the Members Portal. 


Procurement / contract management

Subjects include the tendering, procurement and management of services. Subjects can include knowledge for all stakeholders involved (I.e. Procurer, contractor, etc.).

Other soft services

Subjects include people and process centric services that haven’t already been addressed above. (i.e. catering, cleaning, etc.) ng, fixtures and finishes, etc.

Other hard services

Subject includes topics that relate to building systems and infrastructure not already covered in ‘Installation & maintenance’. 

Relationship management

Subjects that provide guidance for building and maintaining relationships with relevant stakeholders. Subject may include tools and guidance for planning and implementing engagement and communication strategies.

Sustainability & corporate responsibility

Subjects that address how facilities can cost-effectively reduce their environmental and social impact. Subjects may also include strategic and organisational topics such as sustainability reporting, CSR strategies, ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate governance).

Standards & technical

Subjects relating to specific standards or technical reports.