Interest groups

We have identified several interest groups to support those in the industry and provide easy access through notifications in your members portal and news items and identify your events or professional development based on your interest.  These are managed when you are logged in through the Members Portal. 


Facility type - Residential

Subjects that specifically address the efficient and effective management of residential facilities such as residential estates, multi-unit residential, etc.


Subjects relating to government policy and programs.

Business / strategic management

Subjects include anything related to the business/ strategic planning and management of FM services, or a FM business. Subject areas can include, but are not limited to: Business planning, workplace strategy, strategic FM, etc.

Compliance & risk management

Subjects relating to the compliance of legislative and regulatory compliance, emergency planning, etc.  Subjects can also include methods for identifying and/or managing risk. 

Design & construction

Subjects relate to the design and construction of cost-effective facilities. Topics may include, but are not limited to the design and construction of building services, lighting, fixtures and finishes, etc.

FM industry development / demographics / market

Subjects that cover the shape and scope of the industry, industry trends and future prospects/insights for the development of the FM industry.

Installation & maintenance

Subjects relating to the installation and maintenance of building services (i.e. HVAC, Lighting, electronics, etc.)

Innovation & technology

Subjects relate to the development and/or implementation of new and innovative products and processes.

Performance & productivity

Subjects that identify how to obtain better performance and productivity in service delivery and/or improve performance & productivity for occupants/ end users of facilities.