FMA PD Seminars

Seminars (1/2 day)

The Association prepares panel seminars where our members are provided an overall topic discussion providing the opportunity for Q&A sessions.  These are designed so that the FM can gain a full understanding of the topic.  The sessions are to include case studies, with real examples of past experience, with the aim to provide an understanding of the topic and influence an effective FM delivery within their role. Download the 2018 Professional development program.


Lifecycle FM Maintenance HVAC we bring together the energy efficiences that can be achieved through HVAC improvements and identifying the lifecycles to achieve optimum from your investment.

Disability Access 

Participants will learn about the value of completing a building access review using a Building Review Checklist in order to assess liability and risk or as part of a due diligence assessment or leasing arrangement. The workshop aims to give participants:

  • An understanding of the responsibilities of building owners and managers to ensure access to buildings for people with disability
  • An awareness of how building upgrades and ‘make-good’ actions may trigger requirements to improve access.
  • Awareness of the value of undertaking a review of the level of access to identify liabilities, assess risk and develop a plan for future improvements

Dates for other states to be announced.

For more information or general enquiries about training courses email

Past National Workshops & Seminars

Are you prepared for "Australia's Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism" 

The government recently released "Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism".  This document is very important for those managing the health and safety of the built environment.  FMA brings together  SPECIALISTS to provide an understanding of how this will affect you as an FM Professional.  Understand your duty of care as a property owner or manager! We are pleased to acknowledge Geoff Harris, Harris Security and Lyndall Milenkovic, Riskworks who along with our expert security speakers will deliver this interesting and necessary workshop.

Presented by: Geoff Harris, Harris Security; Stephen Thomson, Riskworks.

Seminars were held in Sydney and Melbourne.

Members are eligible to claim 1 CPD point for attendance.

Wellness in Buildings Seminar Series

This series provided an understanding of What Wellness Means?.  How it impacts the FM?  The rating schemes available from NABERS to the revised WELL scale and what this means to the owners, operators and tennants.  The seminar series was supported by specialist speakers and we would like to thank the following speakers.

Presented by: Dr Vyt Garnys, CETEC; Liz Miles, IWBI; Mark McKenna, NDY; Alicia Maynard, ISPT

Seminars were held in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart (August to November, 2017). 

Members are eligible to claim 1 CPD point for attendance.

Positive FM Communications (1 day) workshop

FMA were pleased to deliver soft skills workshops designed to develop leadership qualities exhibited by the best leaders. Carol Fox provided the tools that can used every day to make an impact on your success and leadership. By identifying your communication methods, and recognising the methods of others, you can strengthen your communication techniques to build successful, effective relationships.

Presented by: Carol Fox, Carol Fox & Co

Seminars were held in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney (February to August, 2017). 

Members are eligible to claim 1 CPD point for attendance.

Energy Management for Facility Managers (1 day) workshop

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) is pleased to announce it has partnered with the Facility Management Association (FMA) to deliver training focused at the end user.  Delivered in conjunction with FMA's Annual Ideaction Conference, this Masterclass is designed to help participants gain practical knowledge, skills and tools for implementing energy management practices as a business strategy in their role as Facility Manager.

Masterclass participants will learn how to develop a strategic energy management plan, further understand the hierarchy of energy management, gain insight into how to build a business case and how to drive continuous improvements in business, going beyond the ‘quick wins’.

Held on 17 May at Watermark Hotel, Surfers Paradise, QLD


Building Safety Measures (AS1851) Amendment 1 seminar

This seminar was designed for commercial / office building facilities and maintenance managers, as well as property owners and property managers. To provide a better understanding of the changes to AS1851 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment and how it works in conjunction with State based regulatory requirements, and the impact of the recent changes with amendment 1 being released.  Click here to download the outline.

This presentation provided information covering these topics:

  • History – Development of AS 1851-2012
  • How it can be used in the current Regulatory environment
  • Safety measures not covered in AS1851
  • What benefit the 2012 version brings to the building owner and manager
  • What are the changes implemented for amendment 1
  • Roles & Responsibilities – owners/manager contractors
  • The opportunity to have your questions answered
  • Keeping it safe, simple and cost effective

Presented by: Glenn Talbot, Verified PL

Seminars were held in November 2016 in VIC, QLD and NSW.

Members are eligible to claim 1 CPD point for attendance.


Emergency Preparedness for FMs seminar

This seminar series looked at the key emergency preparedness challenges faced by FMs and provided the latest information and handouts on your states legislation. It included updates on how to maintain compliance. With instruction from experts in technical and strategic risk minimisation to deliver best practice with emergency preparedness.

Presented by:

Seminars were held in ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, SA and VIC (April to June 2016)

Members are eligible to claim 1 CPD point.


Essential Knowledge Seminar - Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices Standard AS/NZS1891 seminar

The updated Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices Standard AS/NZS1891 Parts 1 to 3 are due for release in January 2016. This timely half-day seminar offers facilities managers the opportunity to get up to speed with the changes to the Standard and current legislative requirements.

Presented by:

  • Carl Sachs, FMA Australian Standards Committee representative and industry expert
  • Local industry regulators

The seminar will:

  • Review the changes to the Standard and look at what controls are in place to assist facilities managers
  • Provide an understanding of where the Standard fits with other laws and how to manage contractor risks and compliance
  • Look at enforcement practice and examples of good and bad case studies

Delivered in NSW, VIC & QLD (February - March 2016)

Members are eligible to claim 1 CPD point.


International Industry Standards Workshops

In May 2012 the Australian facilities management industry in conjunction with 23 other countries embarked on an ambitious task to develop an international facilities management standard.

Drafts for part 1 and part 2 of the International Standards Organisation, ISO 41000 – Facilities Management, were released as Draft International Standards (DIS). 

FMA has facilitated a series of national workshops to discuss the content of the recently released parts of the DIS. The workshops will act a forum for providing feedback to the Australian Mirror Committee for consideration prior to an Australian position being formalised

Delivered in ACT, NSW, VIC & WA (December 2015 - February 2016)