FAQ - Events

How do I register for an event?

Event registrations

All registrations must be done via our website by the parties making the bookings. 


  1. FMA members: log in using the email address linked with your membership to access discounts. Get a FREE web friend login to register for events if you do not currently have one.
  2. Click "Purchase Event".
  3. Complete the attendee fields.
  4. Click "Add to cart".
  • To register more attendees: Click "Add to cart & buy another".


  1. When you are ready to checkout, click "Cart" (at top of page).  
  2. Review the items in your shopping cart and click "Checkout" if you are happy to proceed.
  3. Complete Billing Address details for your invoice.
  4. If applicable, enter your coupon/discount code.
  5. Confirm Order Details and "Place Order" to proceed to the payment page.

Didn't complete your payment?

Find your pending or completed invoices here - please note that you will not be registered for the event until payment of the invoice is made:

Select from the following options by left-clicking "View" as below:

Are the Virtual Lunchbox Conversations being recorded?

Yes, all of these sessions are recorded and will be made available at a later date. Once the recordings are accessible, FMA will send a notification out to all who have attended previous VLCs.


FMA are currently working on finalising a video delivery platform which is in the process of being approved due to privacy and licensing reasons.  Registered attendees will be notified as soon as their respective event footage is made available.  As this timeline is currently not in place, we encourage you to attend events rather than wait for the post event footage to be made available.


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