External committees

FMA actively leverages opportunities to represent and support the development of the industry by inviting members or appointing staff to participate on industry and government led committees, forums and groups.

The Association also encourages members to submit expressions of interest if they wish to represent the FMA on a body that is currently without representation.

This may occur if the FMA member either hears about or is invited to join a group that would:

  • benefit from having FM participation
  • deliver value back to the industry

A group is unlikely to have an FMA representative if:

  • it is still being established
  • FMA has not as yet identified it as a group that would benefit the industry by having a representative involved
  • FMA has not heard of it but should be made aware of its existence and value​

Expression of Interest - FMA representation​​

Representing FMA as a speaker

Members of the FMA Board of Directors and branch committees who have been invited to speak at an external event, or wish to nominate as a speaker at an event, must submit a 'Notification of Speaker Request' at least three weeks prior to the event.

Notification of Speaker Request - FMA representation

External committees with FMA member representation

External committees with FMA National office representation

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