Divisional councils

Divisional councils are designated by specific facilities type. They offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to have input into issues relating to their current, or future facility interests. They have a National focus and are not restricted to geographical regions of representation.  

Divisional councils provide a forum for information exchange, event development and implementation, and input into other facets of policy, knowledge and membership growth.

Members of a divisional council are expected to undertake and provide:

  • support for the implementation of events within the division’s interest area
  • feedback on relevant industry information and intelligence
  • input into policy and knowledge discussions
  • support for initiatives that grow the FMA membership base

Divisional councils are constituted bodies comprised of (up to) 12 individuals elected by FMA members for a three-year term.

If you are interested in establishing a divisional council for a separate facility type, express your interest here.


For more information email: 

Research & Policy Team