Knowledge Portfolio Group

With its focus on the further the development, use, distribution and retention of knowledge on behalf of the facilities management industry, the Knowledge Group is critical in providing an evidence base for all activities undertaken by the FMA and that relevant and accurate knowledge is developed, accumulated, stored and disseminated.

Subject areas covered by the Group include:

  1. Research
  2. Good Practice Guides
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Knowledge storage & access
  5. Dissemination & communication 

Guided by a clear framework for the development, obtainment and dissemination of industry knowledge, the broad cross section of membership on the Group continues to ensure the relevance of information and knowledge is both credible and relevant to the industry.

Click here to view a diagram of how the knowledge framework works.

The Terms of Reference outline the objectives, responsibilities and operation of the Group.

If you're interested in participating, please complete the Portfolio groups nomination form.


Mr Greg Burnham, CFM
Mr Danny Cindric
FMA Representative
Ms Nicole Arnold
FMA Representative