Careers in facilities management

Whether you're looking to begin a career in facilities management or to advance in your chosen field, FMA is dedicated to providing pathways to assist. Visit our career levels and careers and education pathway for more details, but essentially there are two entry points to the industry; study and/or experience in a related field.

Facilities management offers a wide diversity of career options and opportunities across the operational, technical and strategic management of the built environment. So if you already have a background in any number of fields, including business administration, architecture, engineering, construction management or environmental, interior or technical design, these can all provide a sound springboard into the industry.

If study is your preferred route, there are many courses offering a range of skills depending on your area of interest. To find out more visit our Tertiary education providers page, which offers some information on courses currently available. But this is just a starting point. We also urge you to contact the institutions and to talk to an FM professional to find out if the course you're interested in is actually the right course for you, depending on where you want to go with your study, how it may relate to the job market and where you see your career heading.

FMA also provides up-to-date education through professional development seminars and industry recognition via accreditation programs.

Information and registration options for FMA PD seminars are available in our activities section

Other resources that may assist:

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