Cancellation Policy

Draft - This Cancellation Policy will be submitted by the CEO to the Board of Directors at the February 2018 Board meeting


FMA State/Branch Event Registration Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellations and requests for refunds for events must be submitted in writing and will only be accepted 7 working days prior to the event. No refunds will be issued for cancellations less than 7 days prior, however a substitute delegate(s) may be nominated. In the event that a substitute delegate(s) are not nominated, FMA, at its discretion, may redistribute seating to ensure vacant seats are minimised. Therefore should vacant seats be required, notification will need to be provided prior to the FMA Events Coordinator.

A $40 administration fee will be charged for all event cancellations made prior to 7 days to cover the cost of processing the cancellation.


National Events Cancellation Policy

Due to the size and scale of National events and contractual obligations,  National events are subject to a specific cancellation policy. Cancellations and requests for refund must be submitted in writing and will only be accepted up until 60 calendar days prior to the event.  No refunds will be provided after this date, however the registrations are transferable with administrative fee of $40 per registration.

Prior to 60 days prior to the event a 30% administrative fee will be charged for cancelled registrations.