AFM accreditation

In 2006, the FMA released the Facility Management Accreditation System (FMAS).

Consisting of three levels, the FMAS was designed to equip facility management professionals with industry recognition for their skills, experience and knowledge.

This program is no longer active, but the accreditation is still recognised by industry.

AFM1 competency recognised to practise FM

The person is likely to be supervising a single site or a small number (two to four) sites. They are unlikely to be involved in more than one facility type and are focused on operational aspects of service provision and supervision of tasks rather than management of teams.They may be involved in planning and procedures but are not responsible for them. They may be a frontline supervisor or management recruit working under broad guidance from a more senior facility manager.

AFM2 competency recognised  to manage FM

The person is likely to manage national operations for a medium sized organisation or have responsibilities for more than one state/region within a large organisation. It is probable they are involved in the management of more than one facility type.They are probably responsible for facility outcomes, including management of contractors and close involvement in the facility planning and procedures development process. The person is likely to be a middle manager or industry specialist who works under limited guidance and whose performance is measured by criteria set by senior executives.

AFM3 competency recognised to strategically lead FM

The person is actively involved in strategy development for a large national, regional or global organisation with multiple sites and types of facilities. The person is responsible for outcomes in the facility area, management of the facility team and setting performance standards nationally or for a major component of regional or global operations.They are responsible for the development and implementation of facility policies and procedures and actively and strategically manage contract specification and tendering. They have primary responsibility for internal and external communication of key strategic facility decisions and report to the top two tiers of the governance structure (i.e. the board director, CEO or CFO).