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While facilities management as an identified profession is still a relatively young industry sector, its impact on the broader economy through the efficient and effective management of the Built Environment has been and remains, considerable.

Among the reasons for this impact has been the continuing rationalisation of players in the property industry, which has seen an increasing concentration of building stock under the control of fewer parties. Beyond the realisation of capital gains and rental or leasing income, these property owners have sought to leverage their investment through the provision of additional services to their tenants, and through extracting greater efficiencies from the operation of their building stock.

At the same time, there has been a steady increase in regulatory and essential safety measures auditing and reporting requirements. Over time these requirements extended into maintenance and most recently these have begun to extend into sustainability and such aspects as energy usage reporting.

With many Facility Managers responsible for facilities interstate, nationally and internationally, these factors have been exacerbated by differing jurisdictional obligations.

Added to these pressures are the growing organisational requirements for real-time performance information as corporate boards seek to ensure they practice acceptable standards of corporate governance and remain accountable to their shareholders, key stakeholders and to the scrutiny of government regulatory authorities and the media.

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Facility Managers are instrumental in aggregating these efficiencies, and increasingly, they are turning to software tools designed to assist them in meeting their objectives.

Software providers have developed a host of solutions designed to support facility managers in all aspects of their responsibilities from maintenance and job scheduling and compliance auditing and reporting; through space, OH&S and incident management; key performance indicator, service level agreement and performance measuring and management; and supply chain and project management, to asset management and seamless integration with other business systems.

FMA Online’s Max Winter spoke to some of the leading facilities management software providers about their product features; the markets in which they operate; the new developments in store; and the emerging markets or trends they see.


simPRO Software

Advanced Spatial Technologies
- FM Systems

Changing Directions

Cirrus Software
- Responix FM Helpdesk

FM Essentials - fmXpert

FM Innovations -WSMenterprise

Guardian Global Systems - Tentus

IBM - Maximo

ICAD Consultants - ARCHIBUS

Integrated Facilities Management
- SISfm Enquiry

Linked Business Concepts - 360PM

Maintenance Experts - MEX

Mercury Computer Systems - BEIMS

Profit Systems - EventPro Software

Profit Systems - PMXpert

Pronto Software - PRONTO-Xi

rexisoft - rexisoft facility maintenance software

Service Works Global - QFM

Techs4biz - Pervidi

Third City Solutions - AMPRO

Valorem Systems - Praxeo

FSI FM - Concept Evolution™



simPRO Software

From its inception, simPRO was always a browser-based solution; effectively a SaaS environment from day 1. The concept was to allow the customers of trade service companies the unique ability to have immediate online access to monitor the progress of their projects and service work. This level of transparency was previously unheralded and immediately had a positive impact on the relationship between building managers and their service contractors. From the service providers’ perspective, simPRO enabled them to seamlessly manage every aspect of their business – from estimating to managing maintenance contracts. The demand for this transparency means that facilities managers are now driving the demand for contractors to deploy systems like simPRO.

Stephen Bradshaw, Director for Business Development, simPRO Software, talks about simPRO

FMA Online: What sorts of markets do you currently operate in?

SB: simPRO was primarily developed for the service industry. Having had its roots in Electrical Contracting industry meant that its migration from there across all of the service industries was relatively straightforward. This was due to the product’s service centric focus, and its ease and ability to interface directly with the customer base.

In the scenario where a building manager needs work done, he can instantly log the job online with his service contractors and then is able to track the status of the job all the way through to completion. The software is able to instantly display the status of the job at each stage of the process. On the contractor side, he has fully scalable service level agreements automatically triggering and can make sure that the staff are scheduled to the right jobs at the right time. From the building manager’s perspective, he has got a level of transparency with his maintenance contractors to see exactly where he is at with all of his maintenance orders, including whether they have been invoiced, whether there are parts on order, and the issues to do with the job.

We can even customise the client side, for example if a contractor is doing maintenance, any failures from the field will automatically flag on the building managers side. The building manager can approve the quote request online to get that particular part of the building fixed.
Where we have areas such as Fire that are heavily regulated, we now have multiple asset management systems in place in the product where you can actually flag the code that that particular asset belongs to, and that will automatically trigger the whole maintenance routine for that asset, as well as all the relevant tests around those assets. Reporting requirements can be customised so that the building manager can be provided with the information they need.

FMA Online: What sort of emerging markets can you see for the software?

SB: The migration of the software across all the building services sectors such as the plumbing industry, the HVAC industry and the air conditioning industry will continue. There is a project management component of the software that can be used, for example, for tenancy fitouts. If you have a building manager who has to arrange to do a whole tenancy fitout, it means the building manager can request a quote directly online with the service contractor. The building manager can then award the order online with the winning contractor and then manage the whole lifecycle of that project, including any warranty or service work afterwards. The whole product is browser driven, which means you can access your data wherever you want.

FMA Online: What would you say are some of the special features of the software?

SB: I think the level of visibility and the ease of interaction with your customers are the main features of the software. It is impossible to miss a service level agreement deadline or a scheduled maintenance item without actually knowing about it and acknowledging it.

FMA Online: Any additional Comments?

SB: We are finding increasingly that service providers are looking at our software or similar software to be able to integrate into their existing management systems. So with ease of integration with existing systems becoming an issue for contractors, simPRO is a highly relevant option.

For more information go to http://www.simpro.co

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Advanced Spatial Technologies – FM Systems


About Advanced Spatial technologies
Solution Provider

‘Winner of the 2008 WA Business Excellence Award’

Established in June 1995 Advanced Spatial technologies Pty Ltd (ASt) has become a leader with world-wide recognition in providing technology solutions for Integrated Workplace and Facilities Management Systems, Real-Estate & Lease Management, Room Scheduling, Hoteling and Events Management, Engineering Document Management, Autodesk Geospatial Solutions. Implemented by ASt for business advantage. ASt also has extensive experience in IWMS and FM implementation consulting. Our consultants assist clients with needs analysis, system integration, system customisation, database creation, training, and ongoing management.

About FM:Systems
Focused, Proven and Experienced

By connecting people, place and process, FM:Systems helps facilities and real estate professionals improve customer service, reduce costs and increase productivity enterprise-wide. FM:Systems web-based software improves management of space, occupancy, moves, maintenance, leases, property and projects. Customer results include: real estate costs reduced by 15 percent, move spend reduced by 83 percent, enterprise productivity savings of $1.5 million and an internal customer satisfaction rate of 97 percent.

Don Hitchcock, Director, Advanced Spatial Technologies, talks about FM:Systems

DH: FMInteract is a web-based software system developed by a company called FM:Systems founded in 1984. During this time the company (based in North Carolina) and the software have been grown organically, as opposed to growing through acquisition or integration with another company. Today FM:Systems is one of the leading solutions available with a strong customer base and very mature products. The customers have really benefited from their ongoing development of the software and FM:Systems will have a new release (version 7.1) due out later this month, and there will be a whole new platform due out next year, which is version 8. The basis of the software has very strong roots in space management, move management and strategic space planning, and is now strong in real estate, project management, assets, facility request functions, as well as managing business workflow. Advanced Spatial Systems is the area representative for the software in the ANZ Region.

Although the software has been web-enabled for about nine years, version 8 in particular will see a more complete move to being fully web-based and we really like the way our customers find it easy to use, easy to configure and scale with their portfolio. For the facility and property managers in particular, it is good to find the software works the way they do their job. The software also scales for small and large organisations and can handle large numbers of users.
The software licencing is attractive with a flexible approach to provide site based or user based models.

FMA Online: What sort of markets would you say the software operates in at the moment?

DH: FM:Systems ANZ customer base is growing quite well and the products can serve a wide range of markets. The software is used in Higher Education at ‘James Cook University’ and large corporates like Woolworths, and in the health field such as North Metro Area Health Services. Some of our customers have observed that in this field it is better to have software technology that engages the enterprise and not be the enterprise. Software that is easily configurable, scalable, has lightweight infrastructure requirements, and yet in terms of functionality, still packs a pretty big punch. Some customers have put a lot of money and effort into big enterprise systems, but we find that facility managers are generally about gaining maximum value through focusing on their issues and reducing costs.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging markets for the software?

It is and has become a lot stronger to provide more visibility for facility management and real estate mix where traditionally there is an FM department and a real estate department and they don’t necessarily coordinate. The functionality in FM:Systems adds to the visibility of the data across the organisation. We also provide a solution called ‘iFocalPoint’ providing a Top-Hat portal approach that allows us to plugin multiple vendor systems for improved reporting and visability of real estate assets. We can assist customers with obtaining further added value by better utilising the facilities and real-estate data from existing systems and delivering information across the enterprise. ASt can also supply a world class FM Systems where the organisation does not yet have any capability. With the ability for the customer to deliver fm system, real-estate, document management and geospatial information across the organisation, provides for new efficiencies and cost reductions. It is pretty new and its exciting news. In the U.K they already have 10 customers such as Pfizer and British Airways, and a number of big companies that have gone down that path.

Nigel Warwick CEO of (NJW-FM) is coming out from the U.K in November to demonstrate the iFocalpoint software portal at the FMA meeting in Perth. It will be a great opportunity to come to the East and for people to see it in action, along with the new FM Systems release. The new platform version 8 will be released at the FM Systems Conference in North Carolina in March 2009.

For more information go to http://www.advancedspatial.com.au/ASt/Products/FMSystems.htm

Case Study:
Govt. WA Dept. of Health-North Metropolitan Area Health Service

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Changing Directions - CiMAS Software

Computerised information management audit and access solutions (CiMAS), is a server based application with web and mobile interfaces that provide inspection capability through to scheduling and compliance reporting. CiMAS allows monitoring of service delivery, compliance to risk management procedures, performance management, field surveys and information capture, as well as including many other features. Web and mobile modules are accessible via secure login, allowing users, including your clients, to manage and access “Real Time’ results anywhere at any time.

Changing Directions Managing Director, John Clohessy talks about CiMAS Software.

FMA Online: What market needs do your software and services address?

JC: CiMAS provides Comprehensive E-Commerce Capabilities. At the heart of the system is a very customisable and flexible framework that facilitates business specific processes for a wide variety of industries. The following is an example;

o Agriculture
o Airports
o Building & Construction
o Catering
o Cleaning
o Councils
o Dairy
o Entertainment Complexes
o Environmental Services o Facilities Management
o Waste Management
o Food & Beverage
o Food Outlets
o Food Production/Processing
o Grounds & Gardens Maintenance
o Horticulture
o Hospitality
o Hospitals / Aged Care
o Hotel/Housekeeping Services
o Institutions
o Insurance Claims Assessment
o Insurance Risk Assessment
o Landscaping
o Laundry/Wardrobe services
o Logistics / Procurement
o Loss Adjusters
o Manufacturing
o Marketing
o Mining
o Petro Chemical
o Production Plants
o Property Services/Maintenance o Real Estate
o Retail Stock Management

o Schools/Colleges
o Security
o Service Contractors
o Stock Assessors
o Transportation
o Universities
o Utilities
o Vehicle Repairs/Maintenance


The following are some examples of the applications that CiMAS can be applied to;

o Asset Management
o Check List
o Completion Inspection
o Contractual Compliance
o Attendance Log
o Building Condition Assessments
o Auditing
o Appliance Test Recording
o Data Entry
o Environmental Management
o Equipment Compliance/Tagging
o Essential Services Audit
o Food Safety Compliance
o External Auditing
o Incident Report
o Food Safety Plan
o Inspections Inventory Audit
o Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
o KPI Audit
o Market Research
o Performance Monitoring
o OH&S Audit
o Ordering
o Purchasing
o Property Management
o Quality Control
o Quality Assurance
o Rostering
o Risk Management
o Security Exception
o Score Card Compliance
o Supply Chain Audit
o Stock Control
o Surveys
o Sustainability Audit
o Task Schedules
o Time Sheets
o Training Assessment
o Vehicle E-Log
o Work Completion Mark Up
o Work Processes
o Work Processes
o Work Scheduling

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging needs in the market for your software?

JC: Compliance is a growing issue for all business managers as well as for all organisations. With the increasing pressure to reduce emissions and implement sustainable practices all businesses, institutions, Councils, Governments bodies, etc will need to verify that they have in place processes to measure and monitor their level of compliance to a host of requirements, and that’s on top of the mountain of compliance they already have.

These include waste streams, energy management, chemical usage, waste water treatment, recycling efforts, environmental impacts and sustainable work practices just to mention a few. Its no longer a matter of saying yes I will do whatever in a contract, you now have to verify contractual compliance. At CiMAS Technologies we’ve created the tools that will allow any organisation to implement processes and enrol all stakeholders in being an active part of changing the culture of resource churn and burn.

FMA Online: What would you say is your software or service point of difference in the marketplace?

JC: CiMAS is not industry specific and can be adapted to any need or application to capture data and measure and manage the outcomes. Its also has the ability to interface with disparate data silos to provide across business access and to convert data into valuable information that can allow management to do their job more effectively.

FMA Online: What are some of the benefits or features of your software?

See the linked system features document.

FMA Online: Any additional comments?

JC: We have some things in common with Microsoft or Sun Corp and similar size companies, in that they all started out small with ideas and visions to change the way things are done and to put technology within the reach of everyone. One of the keys to their success was the people they chose to build their dream. Like those companies we have an excellent team of dedicated people who are excited to be involved with a winning team and are focused on delivering innovative solutions.

However the most important key to the success of those big organisations was having companies believe in them and giving them the opportunity to demonstrate what they could do.

We have invested years in developing our systems and creating award winning solutions that assist our clients to achieve their objective of having a more transparent and accountable compliance verification process. That is the reason TeleKom Malaysia has chosen to add CiMAS to its list of commercial products they offer to business clients. It is also the reason The University of Melbourne, Edith Cowan University, The Arts Centre of Victoria, Burswood Casino, The Water Corporation of Western Australia, the City of Hume and others rely on the solutions our team have developed to capture data and turn it into a “real time” knowledge that can assist these organisations to manage compliance, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Case Study - The University of Melbourne

For more information go to www.changingdirections.com.au

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Cirrus Software – Responix FM Helpdesk

Responix FM Helpdesk is a web based application aimed at FM Companies, Property Management Companies and Managing Agents. Responix is also used effectively by organisations that manage their own property portfolio.

Responix provides a simple easy to use web interface for logging and managing requests. Agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) with contractors form the core of the system ensuring all issues are tracked correctly. All requests can be viewed by the FM team via a dashboard. The dashboard categorises requests based on the expected completion time for the request. Requests not completed within the agreed completion time are easily identified and can be dealt with accordingly.

Responix automates key processes such as notification of new requests, escalation of requests, requests for further information, communication between the contractor and the FM team via the web and handheld devices. Streamlining key processes allows FM teams to do more with fewer resources, significantly reducing their costs.

Responix cost effective pricing caters for both small and large organisations. Cirrus Software can host the entire application in our data centre, significantly reducing infrastructure and licensing costs. This option also removes the need for clients to have their own technical resources on hand to support the application.

Ashvinder Sandhu, Director, Cirrus Software, talks about Responix.

FMA Online: What market needs do your software and services address?

AS: Many Property Maintenance teams struggle day to day to manage the volume and nature of requests arriving from Clients and building occupants. Often service levels and budget control go out of the window!

Responix removes the struggle and places the Property Management organisation firmly in control. Requests are logged in seconds on the Helpdesk and from there can be prioritized and assigned to in-house or contractor resources. The workflow for dealing with requests and communicating with contractor resources is built in to the system. The Helpdesk assists in monitoring progress of the work, communicating with contractors and keeping the requester informed. The system provides extensive monitoring of costs and service level achievement for each job.

The overall impact of the Helpdesk is that more value is achieved from existing Facilities Management resources, service levels are improved, performance initiatives can be identified and pursued, budgets justified and the FM Helpdesk Team get a positive image.

FMA Online: What would you say is your software or service point of difference in the marketplace?

AS: Responix is an FM helpdesk from the ground up. It is not a helpdesk bolted on to an existing system as an afterthought. Our Microsoft certified application framework allows cost effective configuration and customisation to all aspects of the system. Responix is offered as 'Software as a Service' package. Clients pay a monthly sum for access to their own secure system according to the size of the FM portfolio being managed. The system is fully hosted and maintained by our expert team.

FMA Online: What are some of the benefits or features of your software?

  • You can manage each of your clients independently from a Single application. Places your support team firmly in control when dealing with a multitude of service requests from different directions.
  • Improving service levels, by automating follow-up. No Job is left behind! Increasing customer satisfaction and providing a positive impact on your support teams' image.
  • Self Service, FM's Customers and contractors all receive tailored portals to manage their requests. Less incoming calls to the helpdesk and self service a modern customer expects.
  • A comprehensive search facility enables locating event records quickly and accurately. If a client has forgotten their event number, any field can be used to search for the details of their event e.g. date, client, location
  • Communication of the Work Order is sent to the appropriate contractor via a multi-message process. Types of multi-messaging include: Email, SMS text, Fax and Telephone prompt will instruct the operator to call with the work order details - All 4 methods can be used for each Work Order.
  • Extensive Reporting capabilities put FMHelpdesk in the forefront of performance and cost management so that performance improvement initiatives can be pursued and budgets justified.
  • FMHelpdesk is a fully web-based solution. It requires no software to be loaded on users' lap-tops or computers. Therefore, the system can be accessed 24/7 from any web connected computer
  • 4 weeks implementation. A rapidly delivered application in a range of flexible, affordable solutions. From a Small Team system to a powerful, scalable Enterprise Solution.

FMA Online: Any additional comments?

A couple of quotes from our customers:
“Through the use of Responix FM Helpdesk we are able to actively manage all our repairs and maintenance needs, track all our contractors, and efficiently send work orders from anywhere in the Country. Our Practice Managers and Business Managers can monitor and query work tickets, and all our tax invoices match the work orders. In effect a seamless system for our growing portfolio. “
Mr Martin Fisher, National Property Manager at IPN

Cirrus have proved to be the perfect partner, demonstrating a detailed understanding of the requirements, translating these into a technical solution and developing a specification that delivered everything we were looking for and often suggesting plenty more.
Mr P.Brumby, Mace-Macro

Case Study - Independent Practitioner Network


For more information go to: http://www.responix.com

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FM Essentials - fmXpert

fmXpert has enabled its clients to save thousands of dollars in preventative maintenance, contractor management and asset lifecycle planning. Our clients have reduced or redirected their resources and reduced the overall total cost of maintenance on their facilities. They have taken back control of their job management process so they can manage it in real time, including improvements to safety and regulatory compliance.

FM Essentials is an Australian owned facility and property management consultancy and software development company. Our system provides automated efficiencies that impacts and maintains your ongoing profitability while helping your organisation develop a strategic approach to Asset Management. The fmXpert facility and property system provides the tools to streamline your workflow, reduce your operating costs and improve your service delivery.

Bruce Chaplin, Director, FM Essentials, talks about fmXpert

FMA Online: What sort of markets do you currently operate in?

BC: fmXpert is significantly involved in the Health, Aged Care, Education and Government sectors and have more recently moved into the Retail, Property Development and Recreational sectors but is designed to be implemented across all business sectors.

FMA Online: what would you see as some of the features of your software and services?

BC: FM Essentials is renowned as the industry leader in the development and distribution of the asset and facility management software ‘fmXpert’, a total management solution that can be tailored to meet all your business requirements. We listen to our customers so we can understand and predict their needs in an increasingly competitive environment.

Our user friendly software uses leading edge database technology to manage; property, leasing, assets, statutory and regulatory compliance risk issues, projects, documents and suppliers. Through consultation we configure fmXpert to meet your business requirements and our simple implementation supports other technical integrations such as PDA’s, barcode scanners and smart pens.

FM Essentials have developed a new resource management software solution ‘rmXpert’.
‘rmXpert’ is a web based system that allows the user to streamline the booking process using a simplistic interface. It allows the user to be absolutely sure that they have made the right resource booking choice according to their requirement.

Benefits of the software solution include:
• Resource Management
• Improved Customer Service
• Knowledge of Resource Availability
• Cost Management
• Intranet and Internet Accessibility
• Save time, money and confusion
• Simple, functional and flexible interface
• Guarantee appropriate resource selection

In essence, 'rmXpert' allows you to make the most of your time, and your available resources.

FMA Online: What do you see as the strengths of the software?

BC: Our unique client centric approach allows us to promote user group networks to capture new and specific needs which is incorporated into future software development and delivered in our free upgrade releases. 'rmXpert' is very much one of the outcomes of this proactive, collaborative approach.

fmXpert at Melbourne Grammar Case Study

For more information go to: http://www.fmxpert.com.au/

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FM Innovations - WSMenterprise

FMI has developed sophisticated software solutions that are easy to use in order to manage the ever-increasing complexity of the FM and property management industry. The basic philosophy of our solution is to be simple to use, provide powerful integrated functions, and be consistent and accurate. In this regard WSMenterprise has been extended to provide works management, compliance management, room bookings, asset register, supplier registration and certification management. These integrated functions are delivered within a state-of-the art software platform deployed via the web in a secure and controlled way.

Kristiana Greenwood, Director, FM Innovations talks about the WSMenterprise software solution.

FMA Online: What market needs do your software and services address?

KG: WSMenterprise is the definitive software in the Facility, Property and Asset industries.

WSMenterprise provides you with full control of your enterprise wide operational data and can be recorded and reused across the various components.

WSM delivers improved tactical and strategic management functionality in the areas of
• Works Maintenance Management
• Asset management and utilization
• ESM and ESD compliancy
• Space Management
• Property Lease Management
• Cost Recovery
• Budget and Contract management
• OHS incident recording
• Room Bookings utilization
• Course Management
• Visitor Management
• Policy tracking and policing
• Vehicle Management
• And much more…

The integration of sustainability management into the core product has given FMI a unique point of difference and has elevated our success in the Property & FM market.
Some of our clients include Savills, CBRE, Siemens Ltd, Rio Tinto, Swinburne University, NSW Health Department, ASX, UMS and St Vincent De Paul’s. We also have several clients now overseas.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging needs in the market for your software?

KG: There are several emerging markets for WSMenterprise, including the Property Management market. We do work very closely already with several large Real Estate companies and FM service companies, and understanding that the service industry has to approach FM slightly differently when managing multiple clients, we have changed the core product slightly to accommodate this market and called this product WSMindustrial.

Both WSMenterprise and WSMindustrial now have a fully integrated sustainability management function. We help our clients achieve sustainability in their facilities by combining daily works maintenance management (ad hoc & planned maintenance schedules) with the day to day management of the environmental impacts such as water, energy and waste. We proactively reduce risk and deter liability.

Our market is ever expanding both in Australia and overseas.

FMA Online: What would you say is your software or service point of difference in the marketplace?

KG: The main strengths of our software are ease of use, straight forward implementation, painless migration, and powerful reporting formats.

However, as a company we are very committed to our customers and we have to understand their business needs and processes before we can qualify if our solutions are the best fit. Our strength as a company is our extensive experience in this market and our customer focus and support.

No two customers are exactly the same and we proudly provide tailored solutions to suit each of their specific needs. Comprehensive, realistic project and implementation plans are critical to the success of implementing an FM solution, we do this very well.

FMA Online: What are some of the benefits or features of your software?

KG: WSMenterprise has been written in SQL and .Net. The flexibility of this platform enables us to develop many unique features that are very simply integrated into the core product. We have committed to two major upgrades a year and this ensures we are constantly working on advanced functionality whether identified by the market trend, or by our customers. Examples of new special features are in the area of sustainability, as well as the imminent release of the upgraded Property Lease module and the introduction of the new Fleet management module.
For more information go to: http://www.fminnovations.com.au/

FMA Online: Any additional comments?

KG: We leave that up to our clients –

“The results from the involvement of FM Innovations have helped us transform our practice beyond our expectations. We enjoy a much more efficient response to maintenance requests, a minimised paper trail, fewer calls but better customer service, faster requests to other campuses, better planned maintenance, significant cost reductions for a given level of performance and much better reports. What’s more, the entire system was painless to adopt and is incredibly user-friendly. Our vision and objectives were ambitious, but with the help of FM Innovations ‘yes’ they’ve certainly been achieved!”.

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A Sustainable Solution from FM Innovations

SB08 World Sustainable Building Conference Melbourne was very much a milestone sustainability event for Australia, with leading research scientists, academics, politicians and sustainability organisations from around the globe converging on Melbourne to convey their latest findings and progress in finding solutions to the Climate Change challenge.

One of the software companies exhibiting at SB08 World Sustainable Building Conference was FM innovations, who were there to promote their newly developed Sustainability component of their software.

FM Innovation’s Software Architect Marcus Turnbull, and Director Kristiana Greenwood spoke to FMA Online’s Max Winter about the software.

FMA Online: Can you outline the features of the component and the reasoning behind its development?

KG: What we have done – and what we think is our point of difference - is that we have taken the normal property management system which does your day to day management of buildings such as works management, ad hoc plant maintenance, supplier management and so forth, and we have integrated sustainability as a part of the core system.

We believe that you should actually introduce sustainability as a way of doing business, and we were prompted very much by market demand and our observations in the marketplace as to impending industry directions.

We established the brief for the software development team and they produced a leading edge sustainability component of practical and valuable use to the facilities management and property industries.

FMA Online: Marcus, what are some of the features of the software?

MT: Energy and resource measurement and management in terms of electricity, gas and water is a key focus of the software. The software allows you to record all the data, use it to benchmark your usage using chosen parameters such as usage per square metre and comparing sites, and ultimately manage those resources more effectively and efficiently. Because it is linked in with the rest of the system such as our booking module for example, our clients such as TAFE facilities can use it to compare usage by contact hours to plan their courses.

We also have the NABERS benchmarking as an integral element of the software, so you can actually use it as a basis for benchmarking your building against others and track your building’s performance against established criteria.

Each time you enter a record of for example a monthly account of your usage, it will highlight how many stars the usage for the given time would give you.

FMA Online: Do you see this as a precursor to the NGERS reporting system?

KG: Yes. As we go on, anything that is a benchmark and that has been captured has been and continues to be extremely valuable. In developing this software we have found that there is presently very little available in the way of actual benchmarking so we have not been able to do comparisons. For us it was a case of “where do we start” and “how do we do it”, but as all of these rating tools and the information they have produced come in, we will definitely add them to the system.

FMA Online: How comprehensive a benchmarking system has the NABERS provided for you?

MT: NABERS has a comprehensive rating system for pretty well all of the factors critical to the sustainability, such as the one for waste where you have kilograms per person per year of waste generated, and also for electricity and water as well.

KG: Because all the NABERS benchmarks are already in the system, once you enter your information in from your bill, the system will then calculate how many stars you have compared to the NABERS rating.

MT: In order to arrive at your NABERS rating within the system, you will need a full twelve months history, and you can scan in the documents and store them within the system, so it is fully contained, and fully web-enabled.

KG: One of our major clients, CBRE, actually have a tenant portal as well and so their clients can log in and view their own performance.

MT: The other thing we are doing is developing a vehicle management module in the next three to six months. The module will be a complete fleet management system that will track such things as car-pooling and kilometres travelled, and this will also link in to the sustainability component with the tracking of carbon emissions of the vehicles. In effect this will allow you to provide a measurable overall carbon footprint of your business, and allow you to manage it.

KG: Sustainability will be an integral component of the system, while the other components such as Room Booking, Fleet Management, Property & Lease Management, and Facilities Management all link to the main system.

KG: The system can also be integrated with other property systems, to enhance the existing functions and processes, without having to change anything.

FMA Online: What can you see on the industry horizon for your software?

KG: We see a lot of new markets opening for the software. For example our software, WSM industrial, allows service providers such as UMS to manage multiple tenants and multiple sites. We see the future as being able to access these property and facilities management service providers, which is not a market we have aimed at before. We also see the potential of marketing this software overseas because we can install any benchmark or star rating tool such as BREEAM or LEED rating systems.

We work in very closely with our clients to achieve best practice performance and functionality within the software, so we are always changing it and adapting it to suit our client’s needs and we have built in a high degree of flexibility in order to accommodate those needs.

FMA Online: You mentioned Asia as a potential market?

KG: Yes. We actually have a client in Jakarta using WSM industrial solution and we do see that as a growing market for us. What we like to do is to have people on the ground and developing and maintaining the support infrastructure to maintain this can be quite a challenge.

FMA Online: Are there any comments you would like to add?

MT: While we presently have benchmarking as part of the sustainability component I would like to see the software incorporate a predictive component so that you can see the longer term outcomes possible from an incremental change to a chiller setting for example, now.

Because we have asset management as a component of the software we will be able to explore those options down the track.

KG: We don’t believe anyone else has developed a sustainability component as an integral segment of their software system, and we believe this is really or point of difference in the market place.

We wish Kristiana, Marcus and the crew at FM Innovations all success.

For more information go to http://www.fminnovations.com.au

Case Study: FM Innovations at East Gippsland Tafe


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Guardian Global Systems – Tentus

Guardian Global Systems is a leading IT company specialising in the development, implementation and support of web based Corporate Real Estate Administration Systems.
A fully integrated CRE Suite called Tentus CRE is provided on a secure Application Service Provider (ASP) basis via your web browser over the Internet. Tentus manages and administers all classes of property providing intuitive administration and management of client portfolios.
The Tentus Suite provides Space Manager to capture and report on space usage data, Desk Manager to provide hot desking and meeting room booking as well as Business Continuity Manager to plan and track phased relocation scenarios.
Important system features include;

• Corporate Real Estate administration
• Lease & critical date management
• Payments tracking / cost capturing
• Budgeting, forecasting and energy usage reporting
• Payment automation and integration with accounting packages
• Portfolio compliance, OH&S
• Asset Register
• Data Archive
• Reporting & benchmarking
• Space Management
• Churn Management
• Divisional Chargeback
• Flexible Space Usage - Self Service Desk Management
• Hot Desking, Meeting Room Management

Charles Dalrymple–Hay & David Emerson, Directors of Guardian Global Systems, talk about Tentus.

FMA Online: What markets does Guardian currently operate in?

CD: Guardian Global Systems provides intelligent corporate real estate management software, space management and flexible workspace tools. As such we currently provide services to clients with space usage exceeding 2000m2 and/or portfolios greater than 10 properties. In the case of both of these benchmarks the implementation and use of our system results in tangible cost savings and reductions in operating overheads. Guardian Global Systems currently has clients within the Banking, Insurance and Commercial Services sectors however the system will prove relevant to any user or owner of Corporate Real Estate with a portfolio size as mentioned above.

FMA Online: What markets do you see as opportunities for Guardian?

CD: The systems and services that Guardian provide are broadly applicable to all users of corporate real estate whether the focus is on tracking and using space in the most efficient manner, planning for unforseen business interruptions or simply tracking all the leases and costs associated with a CRE portfolio. Property is generally the third largest cost for an organisation behind personnel and IT.

We see that in the current economic climate and with the current 'green focus' on efficient use of resources, Guardian is uniquely positioned to assist all medium to large users of CRE to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings around resource use and allocation. We currently have clients in the professional and financial services sectors however we have previously assisted clients with large retail distribution networks. Our latest product offers efficient hot-desking management allowing clients to reduce total space usage for transient space users such as sales staff.

Guardian Global Systems currently provides services to markets that could typically be classified as professional services and financial markets. Companies with greater than 10 properties in their portfolio or over 2000m2 of space have a need for Tentus CRE and Tentus Space Manager. The cost savings and business process efficiencies that can be realised through the deployment of both Tentus CRE and Tentus Space Manager are not limited to a specific market.

FMA Online: What do you see as the main strengths of Guardian?
Tentus CRE
CD: Tentus CRE provides intelligent corporate property management, tracking all critical dates and administering all classes of property within the client portfolio. Tentus CRE provides and tracks all costs, invoices and budgets associated with every property in the portfolio.
Tentus CRE contains an extremely powerful cost capturing engine. Within cost capturing any complex organisational structure may be modelled to provide a high level of flexibility in delivering an automated payment and invoice tracking solution which provides automatic generation of payment journals and integration into financial packages such as PeopleSoft and SAP.

Tentus Space Manager
Tentus Space Manager integrates with internal systems such as Human Resource Management databases to provide seamless updates of staff locations and will allow 'to the day' chargeback of space usage to departments and cost centres. Integration into VOIP phone systems provides location tracking and accommodation data of occupants within the Space Manager. Space Manager offers what-if scenarios allowing hypothetical planning and analysis of multiple or mass occupant moves. Web based Hot-Desking and hotel booking solutions provide self-service space allocation and chargeback with the option for integration into VOIP phones.

Business Continuity Manager
Business Continuity Manager leverages Accommodation Data and facilitates phased relocations and associated processes to allow seat mapping to be kept current and up-to-date. Integrated work flow reports can be generated to facilitate the process of Business Continuity Planning and Management.

FMA Online: What special features of emerging features do you see for Guardian?

CD: Guardian Global Systems have a number of emerging features which will be rolled out over the coming months.

Currently Tentus Desk Manager offers integrated self service desk booking and integration with VOIP phone technologies. We are currently working in concert with a number of clients to provide workplace management through intelligent usage of telephone infrastructure to support highly flexible work spaces for users of the system.
Strategic Space Planning which leverages actual space usage data captured by Tentus Space Manager will be augmented with interactive stack planning. This upcoming feature will further extend both Space Manager and the Business Continuity Planning components of the Tentus Suite allowing easy visualisation of future growth and space requirements within client organisations.

For more information go to: www.guardianglobalsystems.com

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IBM – Maximo Asset Management

IBM Maximo Asset Management, a leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, helps organisations to increase asset availability and reliability, improve service levels, reduce disruptions, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs for all their operational assets such as production, fleet and facilities. Maximo Asset Management provides comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management for all asset types on a single unified platform.

The Maximo EAM Resource Centre at http://eamresourcecenter.com is a valuable source of whitepapers, articles, webcasts and assessment tools to help improve enterprise asset management.

Richard Berthet, Technical Solutions Specialist at IBM Australia, talks about Maximo Asset Management

FMA Online: What markets do you currently operate in?

RB: Maximo® solutions are in use across all major sectors, including Facilities Management, Transportation, Government, Utilities, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing, as well as the Financial Services sector with Banks and Insurance corporations. We have a strong presence in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as across the Asia Pacific region.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging markets (software segment or geographic) for your software?

RB: We released Maximo for Service Providers a few years ago, as we see a growing market in this area. As Service Providers want to increase the breadth, depth and efficiency of their business services capability we see IBM® Maximo software providing the competitive edge needed in this growing market.

The provision of real-time information is paramount, and Service Providers are getting more pressure from their clients to have an open and 'visible' operational status. Also, measurements of KPI and accountability in Service Level Agreements means they need the capability to understand the real-time status of their services 24/7 for their clients, as well as to respond proactively, based on business needs. With Maximo, we provide a portal approach for the end clients of our Service Providers, to give them up to date information on their current status online, which they can use to take action.
Another challenge is billing. To avoid disputes when an invoice is submitted to a client, we provide a pre-bill online approval process to help reduce DSO's (Day Sales Outstanding) for our clients.

There is also a trend towards being able to manage linear* assets and toward spatial mapping** of assets. IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management spatially enables Maximo with leading technology from ESRI's ArcGIS Server 9.2. Maximo Spatial enhances the use of Maximo and allows clients to leverage their investments in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
*Linear, or continuous assets. For example roads, pipelines, and networks, often connected through the infrastructure itself.
**Spatial Mapping of an asset in three dimensions, or in the case of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), four dimensions, where the fourth dimension is time. This can be used for example, for investigating and identifying accident black spots.

Lastly, there is a converging need to manage both physical assets and IT assets. From desktops, laptops and servers to software, contracts and maintenance agreements, managing the thousands of IT assets spread across the organisation can also be a difficult task. IBM Maximo can provide a single solution to enable you to have a comprehensive view of all asset types, providing a shared database covering service request, asset, and change and configuration management, allowing the management of a greater array of critical assets from that single solution.

FMA Online: What are the main strengths of your software?

RB: Our software has been used by many organisations to :
- Gain visibility and control over critical assets that affect compliance and business performance
- Reduce costs, lower total cost of ownership, improve business processes, increase return on assets, and enhance operational efficiency
- Adhere to environmental, safety, regulatory & financial, software license compliance
- Ensure safe and reliable operations by managing and tracking asset maintenance
- Provide an environment that is easily adaptable to ever-changing business requirements of our customers. Unlike many large ERP systems, Maximo is flexible for adapting and changing workflows, screens and database layout.

We are pleased to have Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) recognised in the asset management industry as having a leading solution, with acknowledgement in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for three enterprise asset management areas, and in IDC's rankings of EAM vendors.

For more information go to: http://www.accelacast.com/programs/gartner_470_ibm/

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ICAD Consultants – ARCHIBUS

Milad Saad, Director, ICAD Consultants talks about ARCHIBUS

FMA Online: What sort of markets do you operate in with ARCHIBUS?

MS: We have markets in the facilities management and property management areas, and our client base includes government, tertiary education facilities, commercial service providers, and transport and logistic companies such as Qantas.

FMA Online: What sort of markets can you see emerging for ARCHIBUS?

MS: Service providers have been a growing market because a lot of the larger companies have been outsourcing their facility management requirements and ARCHIBUS is ideally suited to their management and reporting requirements. It is also pleasing to see that in a sizable number of cases their choice of software is also made as a result of the fact that the companies they service also have ARCHIBUS. With the increasing requirements that compliance obligations have brought to bear, a lot of companies are beginning to realise that they need a software system to ensure their compliance obligations are being met, and that their maintenance work such a plant and scheduled maintenance, condition assessment and space management, is being recorded on a database that can track those aspects, and this is one of the strengths of ARCHIBUS.

FMA Online: What would you say some of the main strengths of the software are?

MS: The software is multi-threaded with particular strengths in space and property management, and in maintenance. The fact that ARCHIBUS has an open architecture means that the applications are easy to configure and personalise the application to the clients needs. This is a real benefit because clients are looking for total solutions for their infrastructure, property management and facility management requirements. So while we have a set of business processes already available within ARCHIBUS, there is nothing stopping us personalising the applications to suit the client’s needs.

Increasingly, ARCHIBUS is being seen in terms of being the corporate database, rather than simply the facility management database and the is an increasing demand for integration with finance systems and other databases such as Oracle finance and SAP within the accounting and management corporate structure. This has come about because corporations are increasingly seeing the value of space as an asset, and beginning to manage it accordingly.

FMA Online: Are there any further software developments planned for the near future?

MS: Since 1995 ARCHIBUS has been very active in providing for an intuitive work application that is easy to use and a lot of our recent versions have been moving toward a web-based environment to facilitate workflow requirements such as approval and interrogation processes as well as graphical reporting such as charting, drawings, and information processing for visual representation and reporting.

FMA Online: Is there anything you would like to add?

MS: Only that ARCHIBUS is a scalable solution that allows you to add to the system as your business and your business requirements grow. We find this removes the barriers for smaller businesses needing the security that the software solutions provides, while still allowing for the growth of additional reporting and integration requirements as the business expands.

For more information, go to: http://www.icad.com.au.

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Integrated Facilities Management - SISfm Enquiry

IFM provide public and private sector organisations with proven innovative IT FM solutions for managing business processes, data and spatial information. We utilise best of breed software and along with our own developed products, offer truly interoperable Spatial, Facilities Management and Asset management solutions.

Launching IFM SISfm Enquiry v3.7

IFM SISfm Enquiry is a browser application designed to meet the needs of Facilities, Assets and Space Planning users through the seamless integration of business systems and CAD\GIS by using SIS (Spatial Information System) technology. Currently implemented in Universities, Hospitals, Retail Centres, Aged care, Rehabilitation wards, Local government, State Government and Private enterprise organisations to provide instant access to:

• Building services
• Underground and above ground utilities
• Organization and space planning
• Grounds maintenance
• Venue bookings
• Room bookings and management
• Contractor and Project Information
• Lease Information
• Photos, Plans and Associated Documents

SISfm Enquiry is accessible through all common web browsers, and modules included are:

• Map Enquiry: viewing, querying and reporting Business information through Spatial site plans, floor plans and site & building services.
• Space Enquiry: viewing, querying and reporting Spatial Data through Business information.
• Room Bookings: Manage Room timetable with CMIS database
• Move Manager: Manage space with relocation database
• Report Maker: Generate specific reports from existing systems such as ARCHIBUS


SISfm Enquiry reads ‘live’ over 165 CAD and GIS formats such as DWG, DGN, SHP, TAB, ECW, TiFF, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, ESRI SDE, MS SQL Server, OGC WMS, OGC WFS and has bidirectional links to business systems such as ARCHIBUS, BEIMS, FMMS, Maximo, Oracle, TRIM, SAP.

Craig Walker, Managing Director, Integrated Facilities Management talks about SISfm Enquiry

FMA Online: What sort of markets do you currently operate in with SISfm Enquiry?

CW: SISfm Enquiry is a modular graphical facilities management application that interfaces to current FM systems such as ARCHIBUS, BEIMS, and Maximo. It is an application that sits over the top of the other systems interfacing with all your CAD drawings, scanned images, photos, drawings, all your business process systems including your FM systems, Human Resources systems, space systems, room bookings, and move management systems.

We currently have it implemented into universities and hospitals in Australia and we have one site in the United Arab Emirates. We operate in middle to large FM markets with organisations such as the Perth Zoo, the RAC, and local government.

FMA Online: What do you see as the strengths of the software?

CW: The fact that you can use it for your graphical facilities management. You can actually locate assets being either a room or an asset and because you have move manager you can graphically locate a person and find out where they are sitting, for example. The software was developed to provide a means of graphically displaying the information provided through the likes of software systems such as ARCHIBUS or BEIMS, and because it is based on plans it does thematic mapping really quickly, and provides the room data or work order information for a given query in a graphical format. The software itself is GIS – CadCorp SIS based, and delivers the information in Flash, so its fast and it is Web (ASP) enabled.

It can integrate into any similar third-party product, it is easily customised, it is flexible and easy to use.

FMA Online: Do you have any special features planned?

CW: We have always got special features planned! At the moment the product supports five modules and we are developing new modules that will incorporate project management, and fleet management. We have also done a pilot for interfacing with the retail environment with Westfield, where we have set it up to display tenancy details and since the software is GIS co-ordinate based, you can physically find the tenant through GPS and building GIS co-ordinates, including building elements aspects such as a pit, or hidden surface and so forth.

For more information go to: www.integratedfm.com.au

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Linked Business Concepts - 360PM

360PM is an Australian developed and supported web-based CMMS that logs, tracks and schedules all property maintenance and compliance tasks; all with unparalleled ease and transparency.

It is the ideal tool for managers to maintain complete control over their portfolio whilst being freed from the expensive, time-consuming burden of day-to-day micro-management.

With 360PM, tenants/occupants, service providers and managers are each proactive in the management of scheduled tasks, ad-hoc issues, regulatory compliance and KPI management. From inception through to financial completion, all tasks are logged, actioned and managed with each step recorded for simple, transparent review. This is all done via the internet, a PDA or our unique fax barcode updating process.

Roland Storti, Managing Director, Linked Business Concepts talks about 360PM

FMA Online: What are the main market sectors that 360PM operate in presently?

RS: Our major vertical market is the property sector, having over 7,000,000m2 under management and we have clients that are service providers, owners of buildings, facility managers, corporate tenants and consultants. Having been through major tendering processes, two of our larger clients are the Victorian Department of Education and the Department of Health.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging markets for 360PM?

RS: One of the emerging markets we see overseas is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where a big expansion is underway with considerable amounts of money being spent on construction over the next 10 to 20 years. Abu Dhabi’s 2030 plan has just been released and it’s going to be a significant growth corridor for almost anything property related, from initially, the supply of material to the provision of expertise, labour, management, and maintenance.

FMA Online: Do you see these later emerging markets as better prospects for software in some respects?

RS: Yes. In a lot of respects they are starting off with Greenfield sights and they don’t have the inherent practices of the property industry at the moment. They can use the technology to its fullest extent rather than being encumbered by existing outdated practices. This means that they have an open mind on exploring the most efficient practices we present to them from day one.

FMA Online: Do you see legacy systems as a problem at times?

RS: Not so much legacy systems. We integrate with SAP; we have just finished integrating MYOB and other financial systems, as well as other systems such as CAD, so legacy systems are not really a problem, it’s dealing with the operations of a group that is sometimes more of a challenge.

FMA Online: What do you see as the main strengths of 360PM?

RS: I think the fact that we are not just a software company. We have released the software from day one as a web-based system, rather than having a software package that was migrated to the web. We have some unique functions to assist service providers; for example, they do not have to log in to the system, they can simply send through a fax, and the system will automatically scan the documentation and update the work order as complete.

FMA Online: Are there any other features you would like to mention?

RS: We have had the software working on PDA’s for a number of years and we have found the uptake has been relatively slow because of costs and the fear of Big Brother at the service level, whereas the ability to update via fax has been a significant win because you are dealing with low technology to provide a very quick and simple update. Within five minutes of the fax being sent a facility manager can receive an email to say that the work has been done. In this way 360PM provides complex solution results while still enabling simple workplace methods to be used in the process.
For more information go to: www.linkedbc.com

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Maintenance Experts - MEX

MEX is based upon ease of use and low cost. This has been the hallmark of its products ever since 1995. Even though ease of use is the hallmark of MEX, it has wide ranging functionality that is available but hidden from the eye. Hence, that is why MEX can cater for a market ranging from a single person running a contract maintenance operation through to international companies using MEX at over 1,000 sites.

MEX was created by maintenance personnel for maintenance personnel. To this day the users of MEX still are involved continuously in the design process of the software. MEX aims to give to the customer what they want.

Now, as the largest provider of CMMS’s in Australia and New Zealand, with over 4,500 users, MEX is capable of providing the maintenance and inventory management solution that a company needs.

Click on the image for the 6 secrets on how to get a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) working for you.

MEX Company Director Steve Ninnes talks about MEX Software.

FMA Online: What market needs do your software and services address?

SN: MEX services a variety of markets from Facilities through to Fleet Management.

In the area of Facility Maintenance, MEX is powerful in the areas of:

• Job Requests (online)
• Approval systems
• Works Management
• PM
• Project Management, with a built in Gantt chart project management tool.
• Key management
• Purchasing
• And much more…

Some of the key features of the MEX system include:

• Multiple site management with centralised control
• Regionalised data to allow for contractors to use MEX but only see a segment of the overall data. It will also allow you to block specific people from other parts of the system for security purposes
• Multi level approval system for all job requests with email reminders
• MS SQL server database
• Customisable forms through security and the ability to change names of any field

MEX embraces the maintenance and Inventory management component of any company. The needs that it suffices include: Asset Register, Asset Movements, Asset Tracking, Work Orders, Job Requests, PM, Invoicing internally or externally and many more.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging needs in the market for your software?

SN: There is always a need for continuing simplicity of computer systems whilst adding in extra features. For too long users have had to suffer with software which is hard to use. MEX is always about ease of use and simplicity. The other emerging market is the continuing demand for any new communication tool or method. Smart Phones, IPhones, Internet etc. We have always kept up with the demand in these areas, but never know what is coming next.

FMA Online: What would you say is your software or service point of difference in the marketplace?

SN: Low Price. Anyone can get MEX up and running for around $2,000.

MEX prides itself on great service. We have a dedicated support team that work tirelessly to keep our customers running smoothly.

FMA Online: What are some of the benefits or features of your software?

SN: As simple as it may sound the main benefits from MEX are reduced costs, satisfied customers, less breakdown, greater control of what is going on and the ability for people to use our system with minimal training.

FMA Online: Any additional comments?

SN: MEX is the leading software provider of Maintenance software in Australia and New Zealand. Now with over 4,500 users, from single user operations through to worldwide corporations that use our Enterprise system. Our passion has always been to make software that fits in with our modern busy lives and to that extent I consider we have been successful.

MEX at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre Case Study.

MEX v12.4 and FleetMEX v5.1 will be released in August 2009. Training on the new releases is avaialable. Click here for details.

For more information go to www.MEX.com.au

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Mercury Computer Systems - BEIMS

Mercury Computer Systems is a specialist provider of software and services for facilities and maintenance management based in Melbourne, Victoria. For nearly 20 years, their flagship product BEIMS has impressed the market with comprehensive and easy to use facilities and asset management solutions for this ever changing environment.

By fully integrating the facilities management process, BEIMS allows users to minimise short and long term operating costs, optimise asset performance and successfully allocate resources.

BEIMS can be easily configured to suit different work practices while the modular nature of the software allows for site specific customisation and flexibility for growth.

Garry Busowsky, Managing Director, Mercury Computer Systems talks about BEIMS software.

FMA Online: What are the main markets you currently operate in?

GB: BEIMS was developed specifically for the maintenance and management of buildings and assets and is therefore well suited to the built environment. BEIMS will suit organisations seeking to improve efficiency and effectiveness through improved control over their facilities and assets. BEIMS works to reduce costs and improve service levels throughout an organisation.

BEIMS FM software is the leading FM system in hospitals and universities throughout Australasia. It is also well established within Aged Care Facilities, Bodies Corporate, Entertainment Complexes, Service Providers, Leisure Centres and Casinos throughout the Asia Pacific region.

FMA Online: What marketing opportunities do you see for your software?

GB: The Aged Care industry is becoming an important market for BEIMS due to increasing standards and regulations that operators are required to meet. A system that can track and record maintenance and assist with compliance obligations is becoming essential in this environment. BEIMS also offers a ‘library’ of Planned Maintenance tasks which assists users to set up their own planned maintenance regime quickly and easily.

FMA Online: What do you see as the main strengths of the software?

GB: BEIMS is both powerful and user friendly offering a range of functionality including Work Orders, Asset Management, Contractor Management, PDA’s, Web Requests, Planned Maintenance, Essential Services and Condition Assessments.

As BEIMS was purpose built for Facility Managers, it offers a highly effective solution for building maintenance and management. It offers an efficiency and ease of use that systems originating from manufacturing or engineering backgrounds may lack.

BEIMS reporting is fully customisable, offering over 200+ standard reports and graphs and the ability to build your own using Crystal Reports. This powerful reporting capability can greatly assist with budgeting, statutory and investment decisions.

BEIMS is a total solution that is both flexible and modular to easily adapt to changing business needs and requirements.

FMA Online: Are there any special features that you feel set it apart from your competitors?

GB: BEIMS workflow efficiency sets it apart from competitors. There is a natural flow through the entire process from receiving the initial job request through to allocating work, time and materials and through to job completion. The screens flow naturally and there is no need to ever enter data twice. As such, BEIMS is considered the industry ‘Standard’ for Work Order Management.

Our proven implementation methodology, workflow advice, practical training and on going support services are a significant advantage. These services are comprehensive and timely, ensuring maximum benefit is received from the system with minimal disruptions to work flow.

FMA Online: Are there any developments planned for the software?

GB: The excellent BEIMS Asset Register is being further enhanced with the addition of web based features. The Department Asset Register (DAR) will allow asset register management to be fully devolved to departments and operational units without losing overall asset governance. The collection and maintenance of asset information, including stock takes, can be carried out by operational departments but still be monitored and directed by the corporate financial and asset managers.

Another key development includes a system to better manage an organisation’s Visitor Sign In process. Mandatory Contractor site inductions are typically carried out via a ‘Sign In book’ at reception and the issue of a visitor tag. BEIMS Visitor Registration module enables a Contractor (or visitor) to log and store relevant information including insurance and work permits directly into the BEIMS database. The system will generate alerts should any of these items not be current and will also present the Contractor with Work Orders if applicable. Alerts can also be either generated or extracted via an enquiry to enable the person responsible to monitor whether those registered as being on site are still on site (that is, have exceeded their stated time and have not “signed off”) and to track that all items issued are returned.

For a case study on how BEIMS has met Crown’s expanding facilities management needs for over 12 years, click here.

For further information go to http://www.beims.com/

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Profit Systems - EventPro Software event management software


24 years in the making and every one of those years of development is evident in the market leading EventPro Software.

Glen Smallwood , General Manager - Australia, EventPro Software talks about EventPro Software.

FMA Online: What market needs do your software and services address?

GS: More and more facilities are realising that there must be a better way to manage the bookable areas of their facilities and the required resources than by using tatty old diaries or trying to turn office suites into booking systems. When it comes to looking for those alternatives the most savvy managers choose EventPro Software to manage all of their facility booking and event management needs.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging needs in the market for your software?

GS: There have been computerised booking systems with differing features for many years now but the market has always wanted and will continue to want the All-In-One system that manages bookings from the initial enquiry, through to emailing out a final thank you letter and everything in between, all within the one program and the one database.

We’ve been doing that for years and we’ve been at the forefront of the booking and event software market for years. One major emerging need relates to being able to make facility and event bookings on mobile devices and we’ve recently released EPMobile to meet those emerging needs and extend our lead over the rest of the market.
FMA Online: What would you say is your software or service point of difference in the marketplace?

GS: One of our biggest challenges at times is to convey in marketing materials what the point of difference of EventPro is. It’s hard to summarise in a few words or sentences because the answer lies in our commitment to constant development, much of which stems from listening to our clients and their emerging needs then locking our development team away in an underground bunker until the new features are finished, giving them a few days, then starting again.

With our company President being the head of development it really sets the tone for the whole company where the major focus is constant development and meeting the emerging needs of our clients, often before they even realise they need them. It’s a common situation that an existing client will ring and put something on their wish list, only to be told that if they go and download our latest version their request has already been added to EventPro.

FMA Online: What are some of the benefits or features of your software?

GS: The basic benefits to having booking and event management software includes eliminating the possibility of double bookings on rooms/locations and all required resources, having all information in the one database and having that accessible to anyone in the company who needs it at any time. The benefits of EventPro, specifically, include entering data into a booking once and being able to run a multitude of reports, create invoices automatically and email them directly out of EventPro to the client, managing the payments and in turn managing outstanding invoices including aged invoice reports.

There are thousands of little time saving features in EventPro that literally transform booking and event management departments into well-oiled machines. This results in our clients’ staff having time to spend on their vital customer service which is sadly the first thing that drops off when they have to spend their time chasing pieces of paper and diaries around the office all day, until they get EventPro.

FMA Online: Any additional comments?

The first step for anyone who may be interested in EventPro for their facility is to visit www.eventprosoftware.com.au and then ring us on (02) 9772 7777 or fill in our demo/evaluation form. We’re always here to help with all of the information anyone needs and it truly is hassle free. We don’t need to hassle people to get sales, our software speaks for itself and sells itself to anyone who takes the time to look at it.

For more information go to www.eventprosoftware.com.au

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Profit systems - PMXpert computerised maintenance management software

Constant development over 24 years and constant development for the next 24 years, PMXpert CMMS is a result of our commitment to constant development and this is evident from the first time you open PMXpert CMMS.

Glen Smallwood , General Manager - Australia, PMXpert Software talks about PMXpert CMMS.

FMA Online: What market needs do your software and services address?

GS: The vital task of managing maintenance activities for company assets and resources should never be understated and shouldn’t be trusted to just any old system that markets itself as maintenance software. PMXpert CMMS focuses on simple, no holds barred, easy to use maintenance management.

Various systems seem to be turning into monsters with this add-on and that add-on which are barely related to maintenance so the systems become confusing for the users and with confusion comes mistakes. When it comes to maintenance you can't afford mistakes. PMXpert CMMS manages maintenance, it does it simply and it does it well so even first time computer users can be up and running in no time.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging needs in the market for your software?

GS: Many facility and maintenance managers who are looking for maintenance software have told us that they’ve used this system in the past and used that system in the past but they never really liked any of them. More and more we get told that our software is the easiest and most intuitive to use while still performing all of the necessary functionality, and we expect the need for simplicity to grow even further in the future so that’s always one of our main development considerations as we’re adding new features.

FMA Online: What would you say is your software or service point of difference in the marketplace?

GS: It really is a challenge to produce a piece of software that manages so many aspects of a maintenance managers job but does it in a way that’s intuitive, easy to use and powerful enough to handle anything you can throw at it with ease, but PMXpert CMMS has been designed from the ground up to do just that and it does it well.

Over 24 years of constant development has gone into PMXpert software and every working day of the year constant development is and will continue to happen. We really listen to our clients and their evolving needs and we come up with logical and easy to use solutions.

FMA Online: What are some of the benefits or features of your software?

GS: Facility and Maintenance Managers just want an affordable system that gets the job done. They want to easily and thoroughly setup up their scheduled maintenance activities, have an easy way for anyone in the organisation to enter maintenance requests either directly into the system or by logging into a website or simply sending an email to a particular email address that the software can import as a maintenance request, they want to assign personnel to perform the tasks, print or email off the work order to the assigned personnel and they just want it done quickly, accurately, with no fuss and no possibility of anything being missed (using our automatic notifications feature which can be based on various criteria).

This is what PMXpert CMMS excels in, in basic terms, rather than having staff battling with the software half the day instead of just getting the maintenance done. Make a system like that, make it affordable, provide installation, setup and training services then back it up with expert support and what more could a Facility or Maintenance Manager want?

FMA Online: Any additional comments?

The first step for anyone who may be interested in PMXpert CMMS for their facility is to visit www.pmxpertsoftware.com.au and then ring us on (02) 9772 7777 or fill in our demo/evaluation form.

We’re always here to help with all of the information anyone needs and it truly is hassle free. We don’t need to hassle people to get sales, our software speaks for itself and sells itself to anyone who takes the time to look at it.

For more information go to www.pmxpertsoftware.com.au

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Pronto Software - PRONTO-Xi

Erica Molnar -
FM & Manufacturing Product Manager

With over 30-years experience building robust, mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products, Pronto Software's expertise is second to none. Since ERP is all that we do, this clarity of purpose drives Pronto to deliver the tools that allow you to excel and prosper in your business. Pronto understands that you need to manage critical data both within and beyond your enterprise, and so PRONTO-Xi provides an architectural framework that puts you and your staff in control of your business in a reliable, cost effective and flexible way.

While Pronto customers have derived their own specific benefits from implementing PRONTO-Xi, common key benefits have included staff productivity gains, improved customer service, clarity of profit drivers affecting the bottom line, and an accelerated return on their software investment.

PRONTO-Xi was recognition for excellence have included the following recent awards:

- 2008 The Age/D&B Business Award (IT)
- 2008 Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) Applications and Infrastructure Tools iAward for PRONTO-Xi Alert Intelligence
- 2008 CeBIT.AU Platinum Award for Export Excellence
- 2007 Motorola Enterprise Mobility APAC Partner Ecosystem Award
- 2007 IBM Reseller of the Year Award
- 2006 The Age/D&B Victorian Business of the Year

Paul Goepfert, Senior Marketing Manager at Pronto Software, talks about PRONTO-Xi software

FMA Online: What market needs do your software and services address?

PG: For a typical FM company with hundreds of field service staff working off-site at any given point in time, the need to manage mobile work teams and seamlessly link information back to head office is paramount. PRONTO-Xi’s FM capabilities include Project Costing Management, Service Management, Rental, Maintenance Management, Service Scheduler, iService (web) and Mobile Service .

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging needs in the market for your software?

PG: FM companies are increasingly looking for a real-time integrated IT solution such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Often Facility Managers ask, ‘Wouldn’t it be good to get our electronic whiteboard Scheduler, PDAs and laptops talking to the one system?’, which is where PRONTO-Xi, our ERP solution comes in. ERP is an essential IT backbone of a company, linking disparate business functions such as financials, supply chain, CRM, project costing and service management on to one platform.

FMA Online: What would you say is your software or service point of difference in the marketplace?

PG: A key advantage of our ERP solution is that it minimises the margin for data error and ensures that data is only ever entered once into the system, which is a massive reduction in effort and duplication.

As technology continues to evolve, facility managers can expect to see a stronger focus on workflow automation tools. Our customers are increasingly looking for increased workflow management capability from their system which is as much about managing people as it is processes and facilities.

FMA Online: What are some of the benefits or features of your software?

PG: The essential benefit of a system like PRONTO-Xi is its ability to help FM companies to proactively optimise people, process and assets. Fast to implement and cost-effective to run, PRONTO-Xi provides FM companies with a powerful tool for total business management.

Case Study: Hastie Services – Pronto Software engineers service efficiencies

For more information go to http://www.pronto.com.au/

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rexisoft - rexisoft facility maintenance software


rexisoft allows you to control the maintenance process, instead of it controlling you. And unlike some software, you don’t need to be Bill Gates to work out how to use it. It’s been designed with the maintenance team in mind. At the coalface, everyone can get their work orders out. rexisoft is extremely flexible, expanding with you as your business grows. And as a subscription service, rexisoft is all inclusive. No unexpected out of pocket expenses. Your subscription includes all updates, modules (current and future) and support.

Kevin Hammond, rexisoft Manager Sales & Marketing talks about rexisoft facility maintenance software.

FMA Online: What markets do you currently operate in?

KH: rexisoft has initially focussed on the education and aged care sectors. However the software has been designed to be effective in any business sector.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging markets for your software?

KH: As Building Information Modelling (BIM) takes off around the world and incorporates the entire building life cycle, rexisoft will be critical for Facilities Managers who need to be BIM compliant. In the current global warming crisis, we also have plans to incorporate features to assess energy efficiency and carbon output, allowing companies to measure how ‘green’ they really are and identify ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

FMA Online: What are the main strengths of your software?

KH: Our biggest strength lies in the fact that we have approached the development from the FM and Maintenance perspective. Too often in the past, FM software has been driven by accountants. We have started with the maintenance function and created software designed to help control the process – both for planned and unplanned maintenance. But we haven’t forgotten the accountants altogether. rexisoft has reporting functions to assist in budgeting, depreciation, everything concerned with the financial life of assets. Even the IT department can appreciate the product because it is so easy to use and install.

FMA Online: What do you see as special features of particular interest to Facility Managers that you would like to highlight.

KH: rexisoft recognises that the assets you need to manage are diverse – from the basic infrastructure of the building, to chairs and tables, vehicles…. and the list is huge. The idea of entering every asset into a computer system before you can use it can be extremely daunting. rexisoft allows you to start creating work requests from day 1 by only entering assets as you need to. Even better, you can enter an asset once, with all it’s information, allowing all your sites to then access that asset, rather than having to enter it over and over again.

rexisoft also has a great reporting tool – “log-a-call”. This is installed on your intranet and allows anyone in the organisation to make a maintenance request from their own computer. You can then manage these requests quickly and easily – accepting or rejecting – with automatic emails sent to the requester to keep them up to date.

For more information go to: www.rexisoft.com

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Service Works Global – QFM


Service Works Global is an international provider of Facilities & Performance Management software. The company’s flagship product, QFM, is an advanced modular suite of applications which maximises the operational efficiency of assets, buildings and service delivery. In addition, Service Works is renowned globally for the provision of PPP Concession Management technology solutions.

QFM is quick and easy to mobilise and provides enterprise-wide visibility of critical performance data that improves service quality and responsiveness, aids compliance and generates sustainable reductions in operational costs.

Functionality includes:
• Help Desk and Event Management
• Facilities and Asset Management
• PPP Concession Management
• Facility Bookings
• Property Management

Martin Jackson, Regional Manager (Asia Pacific), Service Works Global Pty, talks about QFM.

FMA Online: What sorts of markets do you currently operate in?

MJ: Our flagship software, QFM, is designed to respond to the needs of facilities and estates managers, across corporate, government and service provider organisations. As such we provide solutions for virtually every vertical market including healthcare, custodial and judicial, education, transport, government, sport and leisure.

Service Works has operations in Australia, the UK, UAE and Canada, with in excess of 300 organisations utilising QFM to manage and streamline their facilities operations.

FMA Online: What sort of emerging markets can you see for the software?
MJ: Increasingly, FM is becoming a strategic part of each and every sizeable organisation, especially in the current economic climate where cost management and increased efficiency have become the prime focus. The shift in strategic thinking has resulted in FM software tools, such as QFM, being accepted as mission-critical applications.

We are experiencing an increased demand for FM software to play a central role in managing plant and building services. Integrating an application such as QFM with a Building Management System (BMS) allows potential failures to be identified and addressed before they occur. For example, in hospitals where the air-conditioning control systems are linked to QFM, if the boiler falls within 5% of a fail parameter, the BMS automatically generates an alert, which in turn automatically generates a job in QFM. The problem is anticipated and fixed before people get too hot or too cold and start telephoning the facilities helpdesk. We believe FM software will play an increasingly significant role in this kind of “intelligent building management”.

In addition, we see the continued usage of FM software across the PPP model. Service Works has revolutionised the management of PPP contracts in the mature Australian PPP market with our QFM Payment Mechanism application. Our track record of innovation and integrated solutions dominate the Australian market, as well as the emerging PPP markets throughout the world, such as Canada and mainland Europe.

FMA Online: What would you say are some of the special features of the software?
MJ: QFM comes equipped with an extensive range of user-configurable options, enabling tailored workflows to be created and applied in order to suit a broad range of businesses and their individual processes. Reporting is also a key strength of our product. With in excess of 200 reports in text and graphical / multi-dimensional formats, QFM has the capability to analyse trends and patterns for budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, contractor monitoring, activity management and compliance reporting.

Our specialised PPP software tool enables enhanced performance assessment to be managed and reported automatically in line with contract requirements. The software is configured around tailored components, specific to each PPP contract to reflect a level of complexity that is being increasingly demanded by outsourced FM services. SWG is Australia’s market-leader in PPP Concession Management software with over AUS $9.1bn in assets and in excess of 80% of public infrastructure PPP projects being managed by QFM PPP software.

All QFM applications are quick and easy to mobilise, with comprehensive Web-based and hand-held solutions to optimise productivity, customer service levels and profitability. In addition, QFM can be readily integrated with numerous third party applications including: Building Management Systems, HR (Human Resources), Finance & Accounting Software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CAD (Computer Aided Design) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

FMA Online: Any additional comments?
MJ: As an international provider of FM software solutions, SWG prides itself in the quality of services and solutions that we deliver to our clients. In addition to a complete range of professional services, we provide clients with QFM product support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a dedicated telephone hotline and email service.

QFM product upgrades are provided as part of our standard maintenance agreement enabling clients to benefit from new product enhancements as and when they are released. We strongly believe that our range of supporting services enables clients to maximise their investment in QFM.

For more information, please go to www.swg.com

Service Works Global case studies:
South Australia Police and Courts
Mater Hospital
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Techs4biz - Pervidi

Specifically designed for facility managers, maintenance companies, and service technicians, PervidiTM automates all activities, inspections and work orders using a combination of software, handheld devices and web portals.

“We deliver the most advanced PDA applications in the marketplace - yet they are intuitive and easy to use! Our handheld applications easily integrate with our planning, scheduling and analysis software, or they can link with your existing applications”, says Naaman Shibi, Techs4Biz VP, Australasia.

Combining Facility Asset Management and Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), PervidiTM improves operational efficiencies, and shifts from paper-based activities to better utilisation of resources and technical expertise.

Naaman Shibi, Techs4biz VP, Australasia, talks about Pervidi CMMS Software.

FMA Online: What markets do you currently operate in?
Due to Pervidi’s flexible “customisable” design, manufacturers and service providers in the biomedical, fire & safety and HVAC industries have also found Pervidi an essential component of their business.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging markets (software segment or geographic) for your software?

NS: Servicing the Australia/New Zealand and North American markets from our Melbourne, Toronto and New York offices, Pervidi traditionally has been adopted by facility managers and service providers maintaining schools, universities, office buildings, multi-story apartments and government organizations.

NS: Over the past 12 months we have noticed considerable growth in the OH&S and training sectors with many new clients purchasing these solutions as stand-alone applications or as supplementary systems to work in conjunction with their existing systems.

Due to increasing pressures to maintain safer facilities, facility managers have been very eager to implement Pervidi OH&S management software to identify, document, and resolve any OH&S hazards throughout their managed properties. Pervidi OH&S inspections can be conducted according to Australian Standards or according to your in-house policy, either on a PDA or via Pervidi’s web portal.

Geographically, Pervidi has planned expansion into the Asian and Middle-Eastern markets with many new and exciting projects in countries such as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Qatar on the horizon.

FMA Online: What are the main strengths of your software?

NS: First released in 1999, Pervidi is an established software package that pioneered the use of PDAs since its inception. Unlike other software packages, Pervidi was designed around the PDA ensuring a seamless integration between field technician and office management. Mobilizing work forces has been Pervidi’s continued focus with supplementary technologies such as Pervidi’s advanced webportal and Wireless PDA solutions being developed over the last decade. And with over 200 built-in customisable reports, Pervidi converts data into quantifiable information to empower management and your customers!

FMA Online: What do you see as special features of particular interest to Facility Managers that you would like to highlight.
NS: We deliver the most advanced PDA applications in the marketplace - yet they are intuitive and easy to use! Our handheld applications easily integrate with our planning, scheduling and analysis software, or they can link with your existing applications.

We can implement our cost effective complete turnkey solutions or tailor and integrate our PDA products with your existing applications, therefore delivering the appropriate solutions for you and the best value - guaranteed!

For more information go to www.previdi.com.au

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Third City Solutions - AMPRO CMMS

AMPRO is a CMMS (computerised maintenance management software) application that allows the structuring of your assets (plant, equipment, vehicles etc) in an organised and logical manner. You are able to prepare and document the maintenance history, schedule work that needs to be done on a routine basis, prepare unscheduled jobs that need to be carried out, and record work already completed. In each scenario, recording the information will assist you in managing and maintaining your assets in the future including budgeting and labour requirements. AMPRO helps you to devote more maintenance man-hours to preventative maintenance or planned maintenance inspections rather than to unplanned/breakdown work.

David Powell, Managing Director, Third City Solutions talks about AMPRO computerised maintenance management software (CMMS).

FMA Online: Can you tell me about AMPRO?

DP: AMPRO works in asset management and asset maintenance, including holding records for compliance scheduling, as well as regular servicing and tracking break-downs.

FMA Online: What sort of opportunities do you see on the horizon for maintenance management software?

DP: I can see huge opportunities. My background is in maintenance management and I have come to realise that we have only just scratched the surface for maintenance management in all areas. Some companies are doing it extremely well; others are doing it extremely poorly; some companies know they need something and have something pretty good; while some companies are not even aware that they need something. It is a matter of educating companies about the need and the benefits. So many times we hear of accidents in the workplace and companies being sued, and they have no records to provide.

Provided the procedures are followed and the data is entered, the software completely tracks all the maintenance and procedures that has been applied to an asset.


FMA Online: Do you find there is a move away from paper-based reporting towards electronic solutions?

DP: Generally speaking, there is, but there are so many companies out there who just do not have anything.

With the electronic regime as least you still have the opportunity of presenting the information as paper-based if they need it, but at the same time the need exists to have that information there at the drop of a hat.

FMA Online: What would you see as the strengths of your software?

DP: To start with, the ease of use. AMPRO has been designed from the ground up with the maintenance manager and staff in mind. It has not been developed by IT gurus in the hope that there is someone out there who can teach the client how to use it. We find that with some of the enterprise programs we compete against, we are chosen because of the ease of use. The software is cost-effective, and it is any easy to learn intuitive package that a lot of people just pick up and run with. It is a client-server environment that allows users to VPN in to access, and in essence it is a generic package that can easily be configured for any task-orientated project.

FMA Online: What do you see as special features of the software?

DP: Apart from the PM module which handles recurring jobs, one of the big plusses is the Inspections Module, which is something I promote to prospective clients. The inspections component is something we use for the look, feel, touch, smell type of maintenance. We have lost that in the world a little bit, it is coming back, and that’s where people walk around with their eyes, ears and nose open and picking up on things that are not quite normal instead of saying we are just here to fix the air-conditioning. The Inspection allows anywhere from security to operators to maintenance people tick and flick things that have to be done, such as Emergency exits, and Fire Hydrants through to doors and security locks. One of the integral components of the package is Inventory, which we believe is an important part of maintenance management.

FMA Online: What sort of markets do you currently operate in?

DP:We operate internationally, as well as locally. We have agents in Europe and Pakistan, we have users in the U.S, Hong Kong, Scotland, England, Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. In terms of facilities we have councils, hotels, casinos, building developers, and mine villages; in the marine we have the Royal Australian Navy, the RAN auxiliary which is a company called DMS, cruise companies, the Water Police, and manufacturing, ranging from product to printing, power generation and power distribution companies who use it for compliance testing, and calibration every six months.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging markets?

DP: Being web-enabled the product has been embraced globally in all market sectors and one of the strengths has been its ability to produce data very quickly, coupled with the product’s reporting ability. The package has a set of standard reporting templates, but it is also easy to generate reports off-site or remotely, which is one of its strengths.

FMA Online: What do you see as the special features of the software for Facility Managers?

DP: The easy planning functionality, the rescheduling of jobs, and the job request module are what we see as the strengths and of particular benefit for facility managers.

Case Study: AMPRO at Pace Farm

For more information go to www.thirdcitysolutions.com

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Valorem Systems - Praxeo and Kevah

Valorem Systems provides solutions to automate facility management site processes and people management. Through Valorem’s innovative software solutions you can simplify your facilities management processes, enhance your efficiency and the efficiency of your staff and contractors.

Maintaining a partnering approach with our customers we have an intimate knowledge of the FM environment and the evolving challenges faced by today’s managers. We acknowledge and understand the specific issues facilities managers, owners, contractors and tenants face. We excel at working with our customers, ensuring maximum results with every implementation.


Kevah allows you to capture photos and text on your handheld device whilst doing on-site inspections through its user friendly interface. Once you have finished your report it is sent wirelessly to the Kevah Server. Here Kevah automatically places your report details, including the photos and text you captured into customizable forms ready to email, print or export to integrate with other systems. The auto email function allows the report to be sent immediately, correctly formatted and branded for your own look and feel.


Praxeo is a dynamic web based solution which automates site processes and enhances the management of your staff. By using the web based Praxeo Admin Dashboard you can monitor your sites activities, generate reports, send and receive messages. Praxeo enables you to meet your Duty of Care obligations, confirm contractor company insurances are up to date, monitors inductions and contractor activitely including activity against SLA’s..

Jon Tindberg, Managing Director, Valorem Systems talks about Praxeo and Kevah

FMA Online: What markets do you currently operate in?

JT: Valorem provides solutions for automating site management for facilities mangers, owners, contractors and tenants. Uniting these groups around the shared focus of looking after the site, our solutions help manage compliance, work-flow, service level agreements and periodical schedules. Our specialised software as a service touches the daily work of thousands of people in the FM space. Our solutions are used across commercial, industrial, retail, government and health care facilities, and we are unique in that our solutions are active in the sites and unite the diverse site-based activities under the umbrella control of the head office. Working with the major players in the industry, we continue to develop solutions to meet real and current business requirements.

FMA Online: What do you see as emerging markets (software segment or geographic) for your software?

JT: We see collaboration and automation as two mega-trends that are driving the adaption of our software. Firstly – web-based collaboration which allows facilities managers, owners and contractors to work together to maintain their facilities. Currently in the industry there is a tremendous amount of duplication between facilities managers, owners and their contractors – duplication of management systems, reporting systems, even down to simple things such as managing service level agreements and periodical works. By using Praxeo, our web-based site management tool, we foster collaboration between these groups, and create efficiencies for both the facilities managers, owners and their contractors. This also creates an openness and sharing of information which fosters and enhances long term relationships.

Secondly, automation is an area that has been largely un-touched in facilities management. We see this as a huge emerging trend as facilities managers, owners and their contactors attempt to squeeze higher levels of efficiency out of their staff – and this can only be achieved with greater levels of sophistication and automation. Many of the current systems in the marketplace will manage the data and schedules within a facility, but the entry of this and the management is still manual in process. Praxeo captures data in the facility as it happens, thereby automating the processes around managing the site. We add on layers of intelligent alerts and reporting by exception, and we see our clients harvesting huge efficiency gains from the automation of previously manual computerised or paper based systems.

FMA Online: What are the main strengths of your software?

Our solutions – Praxeo for site management and Kevah for reporting – deliver collaboration and automation benefits. By implementing Valorem Systems software solutions our clients have been able to build a genuine and long lasting competitive edge by:

• Extending operating hours for sites
• Delivering more services with less staff
• Removing and automating compliance issues
• Allowing supervisors to achieve more
• Reducing the margin for error

Our solutions also reduce travel and can remove paper from existing processes, which provides a great benefit in relation to environment concerns and sustainability.

FMA Online: What do you see as special features of particular interest to Facility Managers that you would like to highlight.

Praxeo automates site management (for facilities managers, as well as contractors). The solution covers contractor insurances, inductions, work orders, periodicals, and a range of on-site compliance issues (safe work method statements, check-lists to proceed etc). The power of Praxeo is that this information is captured on site where and when it occurs – without the intervention of the facility manager. Praxeo is totally customisable – for clients, and for specific sites within their portfolio. And from that customisation, we combine and manage all the data in a web-based portal, so management can access global reporting across their portfolio, but also down to specific contractors and jobs. Lastly, all of this is provided as a service, so there is very little IT requirements or overheads for our customers.

Kevah continues its 6 year run as the leading tool for field reporting, audits and inspections in the facilities management arena. Kevah’s patented process records photos and text in a secure format on a smartphone (such as a Windows Mobile Treo 750), and then transmits this wirelessly back to the Kevah Server. From there, it can be automatically emailed as a finished report, or stored for detailed analysis and reporting. Kevah is totally customisable, and clients can create a large range of forms and reports and replace their existing paper based processes in a wide range of areas of their business.

For more information go to: www.valoremsystems.com

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FSIFM - Concept Evolution™

FSI (FM Solutions), Microsoft Gold Partners, have been designing, developing and implementing Concept™ Facilities Management Software since 1990. Concept™ is widely regarded as leading the market and FSI is noted for innovation within the Facilities Management industry. With Headquarters in the UK, offices in Australia and Dubai, and an international partner network, FSI is a global-leader in the design and delivery of Facilities and Maintenance Management Software.

Concept™ provides clients with a total platform for the design, development and implementation of their rapidly evolving FM strategies, and delivers vital information to FM professionals and colleagues responsible for the provision of a wide variety of building services and asset management.

FMA Online: What markets does Concept Evolution currently operate in?

Concept Evolution™ is in use by major Service Providers and direct organisations, from a single property to enterprise basis. Solutions are scalable and can range from single user “helpdesk only” or “asset register plus maintenance only” systems, to large national or multi-national full functionality Facilities Management solutions, including PPP solutions with automated abatement mechanism.

Concept Evolution™ is a highly configurable “Commercially off the Shelf” solution that can be implemented in any market sector.

Major market sectors include:

• Aviation
• Banks/Financial Institutions
• Education
• FM Service Providers
• Government
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Legal
• Leisure & Entertainment
• Media, IT and Telecoms
• Maintenance Service Providers
• PPP/PFI projects with Abatement automation
• Transport
• Voluntary/Not for Profit
• Etc.

FMA Online: What markets do you see as opportunities for Concept Evolution?

We see ourselves expanding geographically to other parts of the world through either direct presence or our partner network in the coming years. FSI will be offering its award-winning solutions in emerging territories, with local support, in a move towards a truly global reach.

We are a specialist provider of solutions in the PPP market space with Automated Abatement Mechanism solutions implemented across the UK, Australia and Canada and see the PPP model also being adopted in other countries.


FMA Online: What are the main strengths of Concept Evolution?

Concept Evolution™ from FSI is the market leading, fully web-enabled, complete Facilities Management and Maintenance Management solution.

A Concept Evolution™ system offers the most comprehensive set of standard functions, including:

• Buildings & Property Register
• Helpdesk
• Asset Register and Planned Maintenance
• Concept™ Reports
• Contact Management
• Contract Management
• Customer Satisfaction Audit
• Document Management
• Finance (cost centres, cost codes)
• Hazards and Warnings
• Health & Safety Notes
• Planned Events Diary
• Resource and Skills Register
• Resource Diary
• Shift and rota patterns
• Supplier Register
• System and user queries
• Task Management
• Timesheets
• User accounts and roles
• Work permits

A host of optional modules are available for specific requirements such as Dashboard Reporting, Facilities Bookings, Utilities, Workflow, Mobility solutions (PDA), Quotes, Invoicing etc.

Key differentiators are:

Ease of use - FSI has dedicated 20 years to the development and refinement of our software solution. Being used by more than 850 clients worldwide it gives us unparalleled interaction with and input from a diverse client base.

Scalability – FSI can offer a solution ranging from single user “helpdesk only” or “asset register plus maintenance only” systems, to large national or multi-national full functionality Facilities Management solutions, including PPP solutions with automated abatement mechanisms. Modules can be added if a particular requirement exists.

Microsoft Gold Partner - We have been actively developing .NET solutions for more than 6 years and were the first to market a .NET product, and subsequently the first to achieve Microsoft Gold certification within the CAFM market space.

Concept “Contracts” - Each Concept™ System provides complete contract management capability.

The Workflow Module - Many Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software vendors are able to offer email and SMS text messaging facilities from within their software for prescribed conditions but FSI are the first to offer a true Workflow Module that allows complete flexibility for pushing system information and reports.

Integration capabilityConcept Evolution™ is easily integrated with other business systems.

Automation capability – many functions in the system can be completely automated.

Planned Maintenance Planner - Concept Evolution™ incorporates a fully web enabled PPM Planner.

Queries – Queries allow users to define, store, and retrieve database searches containing comprehensive selection criteria. This removes the need for an extensive bespoke suite of reports as results can effortlessly be exported to reporting or EXCEL formats.

Resource Planner - Whilst many systems rely on links to 3rd Party applications for task allocation and scheduling, Concept Evolution incorporates a Resource Planner for assigning and planning tasks. Users can determine available resources, skills and disciplines for available resources, plus holiday, absence dates and resource notes. Resource summary, multiple resource day and single resource week views are available. Tasks can be drag and dropped onto resource diaries to provide a completely diarised view of activities.

Hazards/Alerts - Select a task, open an asset record, or review contact details - if one or more hazards or warnings have been defined against the particular data records the Concept Evolution™ user will be presented with a clear visual warning that hazards are associated to the record.

Multi-Database, Multi-Lingual and Multiple Time Zone support.

Low-cost support and maintenance - given that the browser is now the platform, operational support costs and maintenance for Web Applications drop substantially.


FMA Online: What special features or emerging features do you see for Concept Evolution?

Energy and sustainability are likely to be the most rapidly evolving and talked about topics for our industry for some time to come and our solutions are evolving with it through offering functionality and tools in these areas for our clients.

FMA Online: Are there any further software developments planned for the near future?

Yes. Concept Evolution™ is a constantly evolving product, 25% of our staff is dedicated to research and development and we issue new releases on an ongoing basis.

Further details can be obtained from:
Heinrich Serfontein
General Manager
FSI (FM Solutions) APAC Pty Ltd
M: ++ 61 (0) 449234446
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
W: www.fsifm.com.au


As facility managers continue to meet the challenges of business, government and public expectations brought to bear on every aspect of managing the Built Environment, there is no doubt that software solutions will play an ever increasing role in ensuring these responsibilities are met. In all likelihood, software systems will continue to be integral in providing the tools necessary to deliver the efficiencies and benefits expected from leading practice facilities management, and we wish these software providers all success.



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